Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Being Gutsy"

I need to lose weight. No really, I'm not one of those girls who is medically the perfect weight and just wants to lose 5 pounds to feel better about herself. My doctor actually told me I should lose weight.

I knew that I had gained some weight since being married, but I had no idea how much! Before the wedding I lost like twenty pounds and was still 12 pounds to my ideal 'make the doctor happy weight.' Then somehow being married for one year... I gained like 30 pounds! How on earth did I do that! That's sick, it's crazy; but strangely it still snuck up on me. As a result I have 41 pounds to lose if I want to be my medically perfect weight.

That is a lot of weight. So to help motivate myself, I'm going to be a little '"gutsy." And display how much weight I have left to lose at the bottom of my blog. Maybe a little public embarrassment will help me stick to my goal of one pound a week...

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