Monday, September 27, 2010

Poem Number 27

So I always knew that my husband is a wonderful man... it's one of the reasons marrying him was such a huge blessing; but I truly have an AMAZING husband!

When we were dating long distance he wrote me a book of poems for Valentine's Day. Yes, all the poems weren't that great; but my gosh, the man wrote me 26 poems and then proceeded to hand write them in a beautiful book. And that is just a sample of how sweet he is.

So now that he had to go on this trip for work, he knew that I would be missing him. We would, again, be having a long distance relationship for the next two and a half days. (Yes, I know I'm spoiled, I'm sad my husband is gone for only 2.5 days.) My sweet husband wrote me another poem, hand wrote in the book he started years ago, and hid it. All this so that when I was really missing him I would find it and have a new special "note" to help me deal with the miles separating us.

As I said, God has blessed me with an amazing husband.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


So I have a lot of free time this evening, and so what does that mean?

Of course! I revamp my blog design!


Monday, September 20, 2010

My Father's Wedding

Last weekend Justin and I drove to Michigan on Friday night because Saturday my Dad was to be married! On the morning of the 18th (Saturday), I spent a couple hours with my Mum shopping and talking. After lunch I met up with Justin at his parents house and hung out with them for a couple hours.

The wedding festivities started at three at the house my Dad and Leslie recently bought. We had appitizers and hung out with family.

At four the ceremony started. My Grandpa Art was the pastor for the ceremony.
Once Dad and Leslie were husband and wife, we had family photos taken.

Then we all went to the H Hotel in downtown for a nice little family reception. Overall it was a wonderful weekend full of family. I love my strange family!
My father and I being strange and silly.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

12 Innings

Yep, Justin and I went to our Braves game and it's a good thing I like baseball now. The game was 4 hours and 1 minutes and took TWELVE innings! It was a great game though and the Braves won!
We had fantastic seats.
The scoreboard at the end.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

And The Games Begin....

Labor Day Weekend was wonderful. We went to the farmers market in Midland with my Papa and Grandma, and I went shopping and had some good girl time with my Mum, and spent time with Justin's family. Then the next day we got to attend CCC, which was a treat. Later that evening we even got to see my father's new house! It was a great weekend full of family. Here are a couple of pictures:
Sarah and her new boyfriend, Andrew.
Michael and his new girlfriend, Tiffany.
My Pop-sicle's new home! It's pretty big.

Next on the crazy list is a Braves game this weekend.