Monday, September 27, 2010

Poem Number 27

So I always knew that my husband is a wonderful man... it's one of the reasons marrying him was such a huge blessing; but I truly have an AMAZING husband!

When we were dating long distance he wrote me a book of poems for Valentine's Day. Yes, all the poems weren't that great; but my gosh, the man wrote me 26 poems and then proceeded to hand write them in a beautiful book. And that is just a sample of how sweet he is.

So now that he had to go on this trip for work, he knew that I would be missing him. We would, again, be having a long distance relationship for the next two and a half days. (Yes, I know I'm spoiled, I'm sad my husband is gone for only 2.5 days.) My sweet husband wrote me another poem, hand wrote in the book he started years ago, and hid it. All this so that when I was really missing him I would find it and have a new special "note" to help me deal with the miles separating us.

As I said, God has blessed me with an amazing husband.

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