Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Myrtle Beach Thanksgiving...

Justin and Michael wrote this message in the sand. I took the photo from our balcony.

Well, Justin and I just got back from a week full of family, food, putt putt golf, shopping, and the Atlantic Ocean. It was wonderful.

For a whole week we stayed in a gorgeous, four bedroom, three bath condo right on the ocean in North Myrtle Beach. Here is the view from in front of the condo:
We had beautiful weather.
Obviously we were on the beach everyday. We collected shells and shark teeth (Justin found over 100.); found hermit crabs, and Justin even caught a fish in a net! Granted, it was a tiny one, but he still caught a fish in the Atlantic Ocean! One of my favorite things on the beach happened our third or fourth day there. I was running on the beach when I look out at the ocean and there were about twenty dolphins! They all were jumping out of the oceans: like clear out of the water! It was incredible.

Each evening Grandpa would take everyone to a fancy restaurant. One of my favorites was a Brazilian steakhouse called Rioz. Now this was a very unique place... each person has this little cardboard circle that is green on one side, and red on the other.
The crazy cardboard circles.

When the green side is up, waiters start pouring out of the woodwork with meat skewered on these huge swords. They place the sword next to you and ask if you would like whatever kind of meat it was. They had chicken, pork, lamb, and steak. There is also a salad bar with tons of crazy things on it... like sushi. Now this was fun for me because I have never had sushi before, but I decided to be a little adventurous! I now love sushi! Specifically, California rolls; they are so yummy! Oh! I almost forgot my absolute favorite part! The grilled pineapple! They skewer pineapple, cover it in cinnamon and grill it. It's amazing; I ate so much of the pineapple that my mouth was raw. Here is a quick little video of the pineapple swords:

As you can see from the video, there was a ton of Justin's family there! It was wonderful to see everyone again. Half of the people we hadn't seen since our wedding! On Thanksgiving we all took a family photo:
Back Row: Grandpa and Grandpa Biddle, Uncle Robert, Aunt Kim, Me & Justin. Middle Row: Uncle Drew, Aunt Alanna, Mom, Dad, & Michael. Front Row: Sarah, Joshy, Katie, and Tiffany.
One night, Grandpa even took us all to see a show at the Alabama Theater.  It wonderful. Full of singing, dancing, and jokes. Here is a photo from that night:
This was taken before the show.
There is still so much more I could write about, but I have to stop somewhere! Overall, it was an amazing vacation. I can't believe it is done already, but I will have some incredible memories to last me a long, long time.
P.S. If you would like to see ALL of our photos from this trip, and even a few from our little stop in Charleston, SC on our way home: click here.

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