Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Night to Remember

Justin and my friends: Andi, Jessica, and Jordan. Their hands spell out "LOL." We did a lot of that...

Last night was a pretty crazy night. It started off alright. My friend Jordan had just graduated from college, so a group of us went to Chattanooga for the night to celebrate. The plan was to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and then to the RAVE to watch the new Narnia movie. Well, we all purchased our tickets online so we knew that we would have tickets. And then we went to B Dubs. Well, we parked in the lot right next to the restaurant and went inside. We had a great time, and ate a ton of food. Well, we left the building intending to get in the car and go to the movie... But the car wasn't there. Yes, it was towed. To get the car back we had to find a ride to the tow place, and pay a HUGE fine. Well, since we had pre-purchased the tickets we decided to call a taxi and then just go to the movie. The taxi was very interesting. The driver told us it was his first week on the job, the van was basically falling apart. It would lurch every few minutes. To top the whole ride off, he was spitting tobacco in a Mt. Dew can. Well, we arrived at the theater in one piece and got there just in time to see the movie. We even got pretty good seats. After the movie, I called a friend who lived a little ways away and she drove Justin and I to the tow station, which was really, really shady. It was seriously in the ghetto. Well, we paid the crazy high fee, and drove back to the RAVE to pick up our friends. The drive home was fun, we were all tired, and acting like crazy people. Laughing, singing, and talking about the evening. Once we were back home our friends spent a little more time with us drinking hot cocoa and playing Apples to Apples at our house. At about 1 am everyone decided it was time to leave and go to bed. It was a crazy night, but it was wonderful. Justin and I haven't had that much fun a long time. God is good.

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