Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jonah's First "Real" Bath

Tonight Jonah had his first "real" bath! (a.k.a. He sat in his bathtub and actually got clean!)

He didn't seem to mind the water either! He just sat there making his grumpy face. I'm thrilled the water hasn't traumatized him!

Grumpy faced Jonah Bear...
Rubber Ducky! You're the one, you make bath time lots of fun!

A Merry Christmas 2011

Family Photo

Christmas this year was wonderful, and extremely tiring at the same time! I have a feeling that with a newborn, it's always that way.

Our trip started out on Tuesday, December 20th when we packed up our little man and made the drive to Michigan. Normally that trip takes us about 11 hours, this time it took us 13 hours. Not too shabby if you ask me! Jonah was an angel the trip up and slept as long as we were moving.

For the few days before Christmas we just spent time hanging out with family. Christmas Eve we took Jonah to my Dad's house and we opened presents and just hung out for a while. Later that evening we went to my grandfather's church for the evening service. Jonah was a perfect little boy sleeping on mommy during the service. There was one moment of hilarity though... there were three little girls quietly singing "Jingle Bells" during the service and Jonah let out a HUGE burp... people turned around it was so loud. Justin and I couldn't stop laughing. After the service we went over to my aunt's house and introduce Jonah to more family members.
Grandpa Art meeting Jonah with Uncle Adam and my Dad after the Christmas Eve service.

Christmas Day was spent with Justin's family. It was nice to just chill for most of the day. Around two we opened more presents and then again, just hung out. I have a feeling that will be the last time to sleep in Christmas morning for a long time.
My little Christmas Elf!

The day after Christmas we went to my mum's house and had Christmas again! Again we introduced Jonah to more extended family. Another funny story... while we were at my mum's house, my brother decided he wanted to try to change a diaper. Adam was doing a good job, but he was taking his sweet time doing it. Jonah hates being... um... exposed, so he decided to speed up the process by peeing on his Uncle Adam! Adam decided he was done changing the diaper, so I finished up.
Jonah and Uncle Adam

Tuesday we had Jonah's newborn photos taken with Captured Photography. The same studio that took my maternity photos. I am looking forward to sharing those soon.

Wednesday was my in-law's 26th wedding anniversary so that evening the whole family went to Frankenmuth to eat at the "world famous" Zehnder's chicken restaurant. I was super nervous about taking Jonah because it was his first time eating out. He handled it like a champ though! He was wide awake, but happy until dessert when he fell asleep. It couldn't have gone better, except that right before the food came we discovered that he wet though his diaper, onesie, and pants. Our table was in the corner of the restaurant so we actually changed his clothing and diaper in his car-seat at the table. It was an adventure for sure!
Family Photo at Zehnders
Changing the diaper and clothes in the car seat.

Thursday we packed up and spent some time saying goodbye to family. It was sad to say goodbye, but it was time for us to have some time just being the three of us before Justin goes back to work on Tuesday. Friday we drove home.

It was a very eventful trip, but only because a newborn was thrown in the mix. I'm looking forward to more everyday things that turn into adventures because of my little Jonah Bear!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jonah's Birth Story...

I have a couple minutes here while my sweet little Jonah bear cuddles with Daddy to write how he came into the world.
Justin took this great photo of Jonah.

It all started Wednesday the 7th. I went to the doctor's to see how Jonah was doing and everything looked great for the schedule induction the next day. My doctor suggested that we check into the hospital that night so I could start to receive a drug that would make me efface and dilate a little more. So at 9pm on the 7th we checked in, and I was hooked up to a ton of machines. The IV wasn't too bad, but I hated the monitors that tracked my contractions and little man's heartbeat. They were too finicky and made it almost impossible to sleep. But sleep I did, and had to wake up every hour or so to be checked and given more medication. While on the the strange little effacement/dilation pill I started to get very mild contractions, but nothing too bad.
Me in the lovely hospital gown... I look huge.

Thursday the 8th, at 8:30am my doctor came and checked me. I was 85% effaced and 3 cm dilated. So at 9am she broke my water. Strangest thing ever. Almost immediately my contractions got stronger and harder. I had started real labor! The contractions were about 2 minutes apart and would last about a minute. Justin called our doulas (Megan and Brooke), and they came within the hour... and I'm glad they came so quickly because my contractions were coming fast. At noon the nurse checked me, and I had dilated to 6cm! Hearing that made it worth all the crazy pain. During that time I had found out that it was easiest to deal with the contractions by standing and leaning on Justin while he massaged my back, and the doulas would rub my back and perform different pressure tricks to my hips. Yes, at many points during my labor I had three people helping me... talk about blessed! About an hour and half later, I was in so much pain that my doctor checked me again. She was surprised to announce that I was fully effaced and dilated to 10cm! After 8 minutes of pushing, Jonah Justin Biddle arrived!

Jonah moments after he was born.

Most women enjoy telling others how their labor lasted 38 hours and was horrible. I can now enjoy telling others how I was in labor for four and a half hours, and that it was very difficult, but worth it.

There are so many ways that God was a part of this special time. For example, one of the things that helped me deal with a few of the tougher contractions was hearing my husband whisper prayers into my ear. Then there was a neat coincidence while I was pushing; Brooke (one of my doulas) told me to breath like I was trying to keep a feather in the air... well, I looked up, and there was a feather stuck in the air vent above me. I figured she was talking about that, so I breathed trying to blow it loose from the vent. And then there's not to mention only 4.5 hours of labor! There are so many other amazing little gifts from God during my time in the hospital, but it's been ten amazing days with the biggest gift from God, my son, and I can barely remember when I need to take more Tylenol let alone all the wonderful little things that happened that day.

The first night at home with Jonah was tough, we got basically no sleep because we couldn't put him down. He couldn't sleep on his back because he would spit up and choke. It also didn't help that the baby blues hit me full force, and I wasn't handling everything too well. Grandma came the next day and things slowly got better. We learned that I need as much sleep as I could get so I was able to deal with the blues, and we slowly learned things about sweet Jonah. He likes it crazy warm in the house, and to be bundled up tight. He loves to suck on his fist (he currently has a hickey on the back of his hand). He loves to stare at the Christmas tree. He has the sweetest temperament ever. He loves to ride in the car. We also learned that he likes to sleep on his side with a million blankets wrapped around him. So now we don't have to hold him 24/7 anymore!

The last thing that I wanted to post is that last Friday we went to his first wellness checkup with his pediatrician. He was born at 7lbs, 1 oz. After just one week he now weighs 7lbs, and 4oz! My sweet little man is healthy and growing. The best thing is that we can now let him sleep as long as he wants and just feed him on demand instead of trying to wake him every 2-3 hours to feed him. I'm happy to tell you that he consistently sleeps for four hours, will nurse, "play" for about an hour and half, nurse again, and then sleep for another four hours! Sleep for mommy and daddy! Yay!
My sweet little boy cuddling with me.

Thank you for all your prayers during this special time in our lives... we appreciate it. Please keep those prayers coming! Justin and I learned very quickly that just like everything else in our lives, prayer and God are essential in raising our sweet little Jonah.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jonah Justin Biddle

Jonah Justin Biddle was born December 8th at 1:38pm. He was 7 lbs and 1 oz, 20 inches long.
I will post everything later, but I thought I'd show off a few pictures of my Jonah Bear!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Waiting Game...

Today is my due date. According to the doctors, this is the day that Jonah should be here. Actually, my doctor has been telling me for the past week and a half that Jonah could show up any time. Let me tell you, that is the WRONG thing to tell a pregnant woman with a super excited husband and family.

I've been going crazy waiting for my little boy to arrive for the past week and a half. I actually started screening my calls from family, or just letting Justin deal with them. I'm tired of people asking me "how are you feeling?" or "Jonah's not here yet?". It makes me want to be mean and claim, "Oh, how am I feeling? I'm dying, but I have decided to stay pregnant forever, and not deliver the baby at all." But of course, that would be extremely rude when the people asking are just excited to meet Jonah. It also bothers me when people claim "Oh, he will come when it's God's timing." or "He will come when he's ready." I know these things in my heart, and I know they are right, but hearing them over and over is like putting salt in a wound.

I have an  induction scheduled for Thursday, but I really hope I don't need it. My goal is to deliver Jonah without an epidural, and I've been told that when you are induced, the contractions are a lot stronger, and it's harder to labor without pain medication. Plus, I was hoping to be able to be up and around, use the jacuzzi tub, and labor any way I wanted to instead of being stuck in a bed.

At this point, I'm just walking, bouncing on my exercise ball, drinking lots of fluids, drinking raspberry leaf tea, eating spicy food, and basically every other thing I can think of or find on the internet that isn't dangerous.

I guess I just have to wait, and remember that the Lord helped us get pregnant, and He knows when I'm suppose to meet the little boy He's blessed us with... (just don't remind me of this, I can remember it myself.) ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pillow Slip Cover Tutorial

Well, I am beyond the "nesting" stage now. I have nothing left to "nest." So I decided to make new slipcovers for our living room pillows, and when I finished with that, I still had time to burn. So I'm adding the pillow cover as a tutorial on my blog!

The Supplies:
1. Enough fabric to cover pillows
2. Thread
3. Sewing machine
4. Sissors
5. Ruler/Measuring tape

The Tutorial:
Click image to enlarge. Feel free to print it out, just keep in mind it's for personal use!

Click image to enlarge. Feel free to print it out, just keep in mind it's for personal use!

If you need help, or my instructions aren't clear, just comment on this post, or email me at! I'd be happy to help!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 39 Weeks

Sorry that I look so tired... I have a cold and I'm pregnant...

How Far Along: 39 Weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have gained 26 pounds since being pregnant.

Gender: BOY! We are so excited!

Movement: I have a very active baby! I can feel him "stretching" frequently now. He's really run out of room!

Baby is Big as a: Watermelon (19 to 22 inches, 6 to 9 pounds)

Sleep: It's lovely when I can get it! My hips are killing me now; and it's hard to move, let alone roll over.

What I miss: Being able to hug someone without my belly getting in the way. Also, I can't really touch my feet anymore...awkwardness.

Cravings: Nothing at this point...

Food Aversions: None!

Symptoms: I'm just uncomfortable all the time! I wear out really quickly. Grocery shopping about does me in. My hips are beyond sore.

Doctor Update: I am almost 3 cm dilated, and 70% effaced. My doctor also stripped my membranes today, so we are really just waiting for Jonah to show up!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Our Thanksgiving weekend actually started last Wednesday around noon. Justin came home from work a little early, we loaded up the car and then went to my doctors appointment before heading up to Gatlinburg.

Doctor Update:
  • Jonah is looking great.
  • I am 1 cm dialated and 50% effaced.
  • My doctor thinks Jonah will come before his December 6th due date! Please pray that he does!
Once we made it to Gatlinburg, I baked a couple pumpkin pies and cinnamon strudel coffee cake. Then Justin's parents and sister made it to the cabin from their long drive from Michigan. We all sat around and talked for a while, and then went to bed.

Thursday we all got up and watch the Macy's Parade on t.v. and Mom made all sorts of Thanksgiving goodies for later. Once everyone was ready, we headed to the grandparents cabin a few miles away and ate... and ate... and ate. After eating I had to take a nap... Basically I passed out in a spare room for a few hours. I'm not sure what everyone else did, but when I woke up it was dark. Then, of course, we ate dessert! I will be posting my pumpkin pie recipe, my gingerbread recipe, and my sugar cookie recipe here later on. After dessert we played cards and talked. Something very special to me is that after cards everyone sat in a circle in the living room and spoke blessings over Jonah. Then everyone prayed for him and for his delivery. It was so sweet and special... something I will always remember. God's got big plans for this little boy.
Sarah wanted a picture "with" Jonah... LOL
"Family Photo"

Friday we bummed around in the morning and then went out to lunch. After eating too much again, we walked around downtown Gatlinburg and did a little shopping. We headed back up to the cabin for dinner (yummy leftovers), and then went to Dollywood to see the Christmas lights!

Saturday, the kids (meaning Justin, Sarah, and I) went back to Dollywood to ride a few rides... (O.K., I practiced my mom skills and held their stuff while they rode rides, but I still had fun, and I'm hoping all that walking I did will help Jonah arrive!) Once we had done everything we wanted to, we met back up with Mom and Dad and did a little shopping around Pigeon Forge. After that we pretty much just bummed around the cabin and enjoyed family time.

Sunday everyone had to go home; so Mom, Dad, and Sarah started the long drive back to Michgian, and Justin and I slowly got our acts together and made the drive home.

It was such a wonderful mini vacation, but we were glad to be home.
All we need to do now is wait to Jonah to arrive!

P.S. My husband read my post and wanted to know why his pictures of the pileated woodpeckers we saw didn't make it in this post... honestly, I didn't know how to incorporate it, but here is a picture of the giant woodpeckers anyway!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Unveiling the Nursery!

Well, I finally finished the nursery today. I'm not sure what did it, but I woke up today and decided it was time to put everything away and finish up a few last little projects.

I tried to get everything in the room in one photo, I didn't think it would be so hard since it's a small room!

The view from the closet. Look at all the stuffed animals Jonah already has! He's so spoiled. ;)

My favorite part... the glider with the little table. I look forward to rocking my little boy to sleep.

The Graco "Lauren" crib that we got before I was even pregnant! It will turn into a toddler bed and a twin bed later on.

The Graco "Lauren" changing table we got for free when we purchased the crib.

The glider again... Pooh Bear is ready for Jonah too!
It feels great to have it all done, and now Jonah can come ANY time because everything is ready! *Hint, hint little man!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Maternity Pictures!

My maternity pictures have been ordered, and Captured Photography posted them on Facebook last night! I am so excited to share these awesome photos with everyone!

Also, I guess since my little's man's name is all over these pictures, I'll officially announce that his name will be Jonah Justin Biddle.

Without further ado, the pictures!:

A special thanks to Captured Photography for letting me post these pictures on my blog.

Also, I want to add that they took many more pictures but I only ordered a few... I figured I could go picture crazy once we have Jonah's newborn pictures taken in December.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flat Iron Cover & My 100th Post!

I wanted to celebrate my 100th blog post somehow, but I have so few followers, I didn't think a give-away would be the best way... thus, I'm sharing a pattern I created!
My flat iron cover with my Chi poking out the top.

My flat iron cover... closed.

My husband and I do a lot of traveling and he likes to leave early in the morning and drive when it's still dark... me, I like to sleep. So he wakes me up, I get ready, and then sleep in the car while he drives in the wee hours of the morning. Works great for the both of us! Well, I thought it did. I found out my wonderful hubby got tired of having to pack my flat iron separately in the car while it cooled down. He basically informed me that I needed to buy a case for my flat iron so I could put it back in the bathroom bag while it was still warm. I figured, whatever, I'll just go on Esty and order a cute cover! The only problem is that I'm cheap. I didn't want to pay someone to make me something that I could make myself! And so it began. I did a little research, bought the materials, and planned my attack. Now I'm sharing "my attack" with you!
Click image to enlarge. Feel free to print it out, just keep in mind it's for personal use!

Click image to enlarge. Feel free to print it out, just keep in mind it's for personal use!

If you need help, or my instructions aren't clear (it's my first written down pattern), just comment on this post, or email me! I'd be happy to help!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Ready...

This past weekend we spent most of the weekend getting ready for our little man to arrive!

First off Justin got the car seat in the car and I had it checked by a certified lady at my doctor's office. He did a great job because she didn't have to fix anything!
The 'beautiful' carseat! My mother-in-law was awesome and special ordered it!
I also spent some time getting a goodie basket for the nurses at our hospital ready. I even wrote out my birth plan and attached it to the basket.
The nurse's goodie basket full of candy, coffee, hot cocoa, and cider!
My husband is super awesome and even helped me reorganize the pantry!

We also packed for the hospital. I've been putting this off for a while, and I'm really not sure why... but it's done now. My bag, Justin's bag (he wanted his own), and the diaper bag are all set and waiting. I even moved everything from my large purse and consolidated to a little wristlet so I can throw it in the diaper bag when little boy get here!
If anyone has suggestions of things I might need or want at the hospital, PLEASE comment and let me know!
Last, we got our video monitor on Saturday and Justin had fun setting that up in the nursery.

The only thing I have left to do is tidy up the nursery. I still have to put away a few gifts and write a few thank you notes. As soon as that is done I'll be posting the long-awaited pictures of the finished nursery!

Goal for next weekend: finish our Christmas shopping and wrapping. I want that all done before life gets crazy!

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Very Full Weekend

Justin and I had a very busy, but fun weekend.

It actually started on Thursday for me because my lovely church family threw me a baby shower! It was really quite sweet of them. It was nice talking with the women from my church, learning more about them, and just plain enjoying some fellowship time! I was blown away by their generosity with gifts! My little boy is so spoiled already! Here are a few photos from the shower:
A really yummy cake with baby boy's monogram on it!

Cute decorations!

Yummy food! Someone made chocolate covered pretzels... my favorite!
Friday, I went to Justin's work for the first time... they also threw us a baby shower! I LOVED getting to meet his co-workers (who are hilarious), and seeing his office (which he cleaned because I was coming...LOL). They truly blessed us. Here are a couple pictures from that baby shower:
Look at all the food! My favorite part... they had Panera cater it! I LOVE Panera!

The cute fudge Pooh cake!

They had TWO cakes! This one was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting... Mmmm...

Justin cutting one of the cakes... he was so embarrassed.
Friday afternoon/evening the hubby and I started to put up our Christmas decorations... I know, I know, it's crazy early. But I LOVE Christmas, and our little man is due right around the normal time to put up decorations... as in December 6th. I wanted to make sure we actually decorated for Christmas, and Justin agreed to my insanity because as he put it, "I wanted help while Megan still had energy!" Honestly though, he still did most of the work.
Our Christmas Tree

Justin's Lego Toy Story train under the tree.

Our "fireplace" with stockings!

My lovely nativity scene.

Saturday morning we finished decorating (or I supervised while Justin was awesome), and cleaned up the house. We were planning on going out to eat with some friends and then coming back to our house for gingerbread cookies and leftover baby shower cake. Which is what happened Saturday evening.
The gingerbread cookies I made for dessert.

Sunday we went to church. I had my last nursery work until little boy is here and it's a good thing: I was exhausted after! We ended up bumming around the house all afternoon and going to bed early.

It was a very full weekend, but it was a fun one.