Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hiking Rainbow Falls

Well yesterday the hubby and I hiked Rainbow Falls in the Great Smokey Mountains. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful 5.2 mile hike. The only problem: I AM SO OUT OF SHAPE! I almost didn't make it to the waterfall, and then my knees were killing me on the way back down the mountain. Today, I am so incredibly sore. However, even after all the pain, I'm glad we did it. It feels like an amazing accomplishment, and it was a wonderful use of four hours on a Saturday. Here are pictures from the trail:
The hubby and me at the beginning of the trail.

A little sample of what the trail looked like. It was a lot steeper than it looks.

The trail is on the left, the stream is on the right... they are pretty close.

I loved all the moss! I almost expected fairies to pop out of the trees it was so pretty.

The hubby on a log bridge.

Cascades about a quarter of a mile from the Falls.

Me and Justin with Rainbow Falls in the background.
I would do this hike again in a heartbeat... I just might wait until I'm a little more in shape.

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