Monday, February 28, 2011

Huge Blessings!

In the last week I have been blessed with a new washer/dryer, and a new rocker/recliner !
My new front loading, steam capable washer and dryer!
 Now I REALLY, REALLY needed a new washer. My old unit was one of those all-in-one ancient (I think it was older than me) things that made SO much noise that I couldn't do laundry at night. It seriously sounded like a sledge hammer was trying to break through the wall during the spin cycle! Plus, it was not efficient at all. It would take almost two hours to dry a very small load. My new one is amazing! I can fit the equivalent of four loads in my new washer and it uses less soap! AND IT'S QUIET! The dryer can dry a huge load in 35 minutes! I am so excited! The best part? I got the washer a little over 40% off and the dryer 44% off! We don't have any dirty laundry in the house because I've been having so much fun...
My new "leather," recliner! I might share with the hubby if he's nice....
The chair was not a necessity like the washer and dryer... but we had been talking about getting a new chair for a while. The old one we got for free and it was broken... The seams were ripped, the springs were shot, and it wouldn't rock or recline. But it was free.

This chair is great! It rocks, it reclines, and it's make out of left-over leather bits that are somehow stuck together. (Does that make it somewhat green?) I love this chair. To make things even better, it was almost 50% off.

Justin says that I'm spoiled, and I kinda agree! However, is it being spoiled when you know you are blessed and appreciate it? Because I TOTALLY appreciate how blessed I am! (P.S. He's getting surround-sound so he's spoiled too!)

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