Monday, February 14, 2011


Last Friday and Saturday Justin and I went with some of our church youth to the RAMP in Hamilton, Alabama.

It was a crazy but fun weekend. So Friday we met at the church and loaded up the students. We left at 3:45 and drove to Alabama. It was a long trip... 4 hours in a old church van with 8 youth, 11 to 18 years old... The youth were great though!

We arrived just in time for the first service at the RAMP. It was incredible. I haven't been in a service like that since I was in high school! Here is a little video clip I took (naughty I know, but I couldn't resist...)
So after service all the students... and Pastor Jonathan were starving, or so they claimed to be... so we stopped at McDonald's and got a million chicken nuggets. (It was more like 70 but a million sounds better).

After the midnight snack we drove to the place we were staying at. These two guys who are interns at the RAMP let us take over their trailer for the night. I was super excited to find out that I could use my position as a youth leader to score an air mattress... (O.K. One of the other girls didn't want one, so I was able to have one, but still...)

I was so proud of my young women the next morning! They got up at 6am to shower and pack up, I didn't even have to ask them to get moving. I am definitely a blessed youth leader... Well, once we all packed up we drove to Burger King and got breakfast... I took a few photos there, including a group photo.
The youth and Pastor Jonathan...

It was a chilly morning and Pastor Jonathan (or PJ as the youth call him) forgot his coat...
After breakfast we went back to the RAMP for half a service. So pretty much after worship we had to load back up in the church van and drive four hours back to Chattanooga. But, of course, we had to stop at Wal-mart to get more food...

On the road Pastor Jonathan and the students came up with this chant:

I found it hilarious, and infinitely better than the Hillshire Farm chant they were doing before..."Go meat!"

It was a great trip with no problems. I hope to take the youth group back to the RAMP sometime soon... and to stay for the whole weekend.

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