Monday, February 14, 2011

A Romantic Valentine's Day.

My wonderful husband gave me a very romantic Valentine's Day.

The day started out with a handmade card and a scavenger hunt. The card was incredibly sweet and had the first clue on it. Each clue has a reason why he loves me and where to find the next clue.

"I love the way you capture me in the morning when I need to get to work." The clue said to look on the mirror.

"I love your smile." The back said to go to the dryer.

"I love you because you take such good care of me." The back said to go to the family Bible.

"I love your passion for I:43 and the youth." Next clue: the fridge.

"You are a great cook." The back said to go to the man cave (aka the closet under the stairs).

"I love that you love me." The back said to go to the jewelry box he bought me for last Valentine's Day.

"I love how beautiful you are -- even without jewelry." The back said to look in the bottom drawer.

Coupons! One is for frozen yogurt at Perkits (I love Perkits). The other is to go shopping for a new chain for my locket.
When Justin got home from work he sent me upstairs for 45 minutes while he made us dinner. Three courses!
He decorated the table...

First Course: Minestrone soup.

Second Course: Cheese Tortellini with Alfredo sauce.

My dinner with the hubby...

Third Course: Pineapple... I love pineapple.

After dinner Justin took me to Perkits (and no, I didn't have to use my coupon). It turns out they are doing this promotion that if you got your picture taken you get BOGO fro-yo! So we got our picture taken. They told us they will put it online; when that happens I'll link it here.

 We both agreed it has been our best Valentine's Day together. It was a very special evening.

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