Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hiking Abrams Falls

We went to Gatlinburg this weekend (Justin's parents, sister, and sister's boyfriend came down) and we got to spend some nice time with family.

Of Course we hiked! This time it was Abrams Falls... a 5 mile round trip hike with a gorgeous waterfall at the end. This hike was easier that our last at Rainbow, but I still felt the burn! The hike itself wasn't as pretty as Rainbow Falls but the falls were WAY better!
Me at the beginning of the hike.
This is a pretty good representation of what the trail was like.
These log bridges make me dizzy when I walk across!
Abrams Falls from a distance. Can you see the tiny people to the left of the falls?
The main reason that the falls were so pretty was due to how much it has rained recently! The water was CRAZY high, and we were really muddy at the end of the hike.

Great hike though, great hike.

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