Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tornado Armageddon 2011

Well, Justin and I survived "Tornado Armageddon 2011." Yesterday was pretty crazy though.

The day started off with a text from a friend letting me know that there was a tornado watch... at 8 in the morning! So we had some crazy weather for a couple hours in the morning and then in the early afternoon it was actually kinda nice: sunny, no clouds, 75 degrees. Then I get a call at 3 from the hubby to say he's coming home early because the weather is going to get bad. Well he got home just before the sky decided to fall in. Rain, huge hail, strong winds... we even lost power for an hour.
The video above is what the raining was like.... for hours.

All of a sudden the power came back on and a couple of friends called to see if they could take shelter with us (Their apartment is kinda shady...) Anyway, they came over quickly and we made sure we had candles and flashlights. The storm got even worse with tornado touch downs all over our area, lucky for us there wasn't any damage on our street other than this tree:
The top of the tree blew off, and a few other branches... I heard the crack. Scary.
Well, by time the storm was quiet enough for our friends to go home, our county set up a 6am curfew saying that if anyone was caught on the road until 6am, they would receive a hefty ticket. Our area was also declared an emergency. So I made up the futon, found some toothbrushes, and they spent the night. This morning I made pancakes and coffee.

It turns out eight tornadoes touched down, and eight+ people from our county have died; our city looks awful. We are so blessed that no damage was done to our home... so many others were hurt or killed.

We are praying for the people in Alabama and Chattanooga they were hit even worse.

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