Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Our weekend started out on Thursday night because the hubby had Friday off. Which was really nice since he had to work today... Memorial Day. We still got our three day weekend in Gatlinburg with his parents and grandparents.

Friday started out really low key with "sleeping in" (being pregnant I  really don't 'sleep in' anymore). Once everyone was up and going we went out to lunch in Pigeon Forge. We met the grandparents at the Pottery Mill. Oh my gosh, the food was amazing! I think their french fries are magical because you can heat them up and they still taste amazing as left-overs!
After lunch we were all planning of going on a drive though the Smoky Mountains, but I was tired! Justin and I stayed home for a nap and the parents and grandparents went for a drive.
That night we had burgers on the grill trying to call in bears to watch.... It didn't work. After a game of horse and pepper (a card game) the grandparents went home and we all hung out until bed. It was so relaxing.

Saturday we got up "early" and went out to breakfast. After breakfast we went on a hike called Grotto Falls. The hike is pretty, the falls are pretty, and it's not too hard. So it was a nice hike. The only thing is I spotted a mama bear with her three cubs while we were on the trail! Talk about awesome, and really scary at the same time!
In this picture you can see mama and two of the cubs by the tree.
The bears really weren't very far from us, like 40 feet or less at one point. Lucky for us, mama didn't care we were there taking pictures.... well, everyone else was taking pictures, I was freaking out trying to get people to move away from the bears! Looking back, I'm glad we saw them, they were super cute, but while it was happening, I was just plain scared. I think I was the only one in our family with any sense! I was the only one afraid!

After the hike Justin and I went to Tanger and did a little shopping. I got new shoes, which I desperately needed, and Justin got a new polo, which he also needed. When we got back home from shopping Dad made steaks, baked potatoes, and broccoli! YUM! After dinner Dad and I made beignets! They were WAY better than the ones I made last Mardi Gras. We ended up playing more horse and pepper. Mom and I were on a team together and we CREAMED the boys three games in a row! It was hilarious.

The next morning Justin and I got up, packed up, and went to church with everyone. After church (which was really good), we all went back to grandma and grandpa's for lunch. Grandma made ribs for everyone else, and chicken for me! Yes, I'm loved and spoiled. We hung out for a while talking, and enjoying being with family, but then we realized we needed to head back home because real life was going to start back up again for us.... as in Justin had to work today.

It was a wonderful, and very relaxing weekend; with memories I will cherish.

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