Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Walt Disney World Weekend

We just got back from Walt Disney World last night. What a weekend! Justin and I couldn't believe it was only 3 days, because, seriously, it felt like a week!

The weekend started off on Saturday. The night before we had driven to Tifton, GA, and spent the night. Saturday we got up and went to Ormond beach, and spent some time enjoying the water, sand and sun (we miss proper beaches after growing up in Michigan...).
Ormond Beach, FL
After the beach we finished our drive to WDW. We went straight to our resort to check in. We stayed at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort. It was clean, on Disney property, and very Disney, but we decided from now on, we will be staying at a Moderate or better resort; not a Value resort. We weren't complaining, but a little of the Disney magic was missing.

Once we were all checked in and our stuff was in our room, we used the Disney bus to go to Downtown Disney and spent the evening there. The Lego store was recently refurbished and they had a bunch of new life-sized Lego creations there. This was my favorite:
A Disney Prince on a white horse, fighting Malnificent... all in Legos, of course.
Now since we were so close to Disney's Port Orleans, (where we stayed last October,) we just had to take a little boat trip over to get me some yummy beignets!
Sooooo yummy! Sooooo bad for you!
Once we had stuffed ourselves with fried dough and powered sugar, we went back to Downtown Disney and finished up a little shopping and then headed back to our Resort to get some sleep!

So Sunday (Mother's Day) started our with the Magic Kingdom. As Disney fanatics, we know most of the secrets to having a good day at a Disney Park. I'll share two of them: Go during the "off season" (like May) and always start on the left side of the parks. As a result, once we got into MK we started in Adventure Land and WALKED ON to The Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a Small World, and Mickey's Philharmagic (my favorite). We even got to see some of the construction going on at Magic Kingdom. Justin got a few good pictures of Beast's Castle over the wall:

After lunch we rode a few more rides and then went to EPCOT. I love May at EPCOT because it's the Flower and Garden Festival. We spent the rest of the day walking around the "World" and enjoying the topiary flower arrangements. Here are a couple of my favorites:
Prince Charming and Cinderella topiary in France.

Me in front of Rapunzel's tower topiary.
We were planning on staying that evening at EPCOT to see IllumiNations, but we were tired! So tired! So we just went back to our resort and went to bed early.

The next day, Monday, was our two year anniversary and we started out our day at EPCOT. Now, when we start our day out at EPCOT we break our rule and follow the mass mob to Soarin' to get a fast pass, if you don't you will have to wait 90 minutes to ride it! After that we walked on to a couple other rides such as Captain EO and those rides over there. Our fastpasses were ready so we went and rode Soarin' and then I had to say hi to my dolphin friend, Rainer, at the Seas. I met him last October.

We had reservations at Le Cellier at 1:30 for our anniversary, so after the Seas, we slowly headed over to Canada.

The food was soooo good! After lunch we went back to our resort for a nap, but got side-tracked when Justin challenged me in skee-ball.... he won by a lot!
Justin creaming me at skee-ball.
We finally got our nap, and decided to finish our day at Magic Kingdom. We got there just in time for dinner and watching the evening shows. There was the Electrical Parade at 9, but we never get good pictures of that... and then a new show called "Memories," before the fireworks show "Wishes." It was incredible! Some serious Disney magic going on there. Justin took a video that gives you a quick look at the incredible show:
We still can't figure out how that did that! The really cool part is that most of the pictures that "magically" appear on the castle were taken that day at Magic Kingdom.

As always, "Wishes" made me cry.... after "Wishes" there were Extra Magic Hours for resort guests so we rode a few more rides and at midnight started to head back to our resort. However, on our way out of the park we noticed that the wait time to meet Mickey was 5 minutes! Talk about a miracle! We couldn't pass up the chance to see Mickey Mouse!
It was a wonderful trip. A great way to celebrate our two years of marriage!

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