Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Fun and Productive Weekend

This weekend we decided to take it really easy and slow because for the next month, we have something big every single weekend.

So, of course, the best way to start out a slow weekend is to wake up early to see a movie... right? Well, according to my hubby that is, so we saw a 10:30 showing of Cars 2. Except that the only theater he likes going to is 30 minutes away, and did I mention we showed up before the theater even opened? I'm used to his craziness though, and we had fun. Cute movie too.
Yes, I am wearing my 3D glasses...
On the way home we stopped at Arby's (Baby and I were starving...) and a discount store... we ended up buying an air mattress because we have a few visitors coming next month, and we weren't going to have enough beds!

When we got home Justin suddenly decided we needed to clean out the closet in the nursery and the linen closet... I wasn't going to complain... It's something that needed to be done before baby comes in December, but I figured I'd get to it when the nesting started to kick in. It turns out, the nesting thing hit the hubby really early. Again, I'm not going to complain, I didn't want to do it myself, and it's done!
My beautifully organized linen closet! I even have a whole shelf of extra room now!
That was Saturday, Sunday we went to church and then we ate at Tako Yaki. It's one of those japanese places that cook the food on a grill in front of you. Yum, yum! When we got home the hubby watched the NASCAR race and then we baked chocolate chip cookies.

Not an overly eventful weekend, but it was nice. Now I just need to pump myself up for these next few crazy weekends!

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