Thursday, July 21, 2011

Biddle Baby... BOY!

Had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday, and it went really well. As you can tell from this post's title, my baby is a boy! We are so excited! Not only because we (finally) found out the gender; but because my sweet, wiggly boy is very healthy, and growing well.

It was so much fun to see him on the screen during the ultrasound because I've been talking about how much he wiggles and squirms! It felt good to see that yes, he really is an unusually active baby! The ultrasound tech had a bit of a hard time getting him to sit still so she get the photos.

We were also blessed to get a video of this ultrasound too! If you would like to see the video of my wiggle worm, just leave me a message and I'll send you the private YouTube link.

I can't wait to meet my little man this December!

1 comment:

  1. I thought the coolest part of the ultrasound was the spine pictures. I can remember poking my boyfriend and saying "see, told ya it was an octopus."

    That's exciting to finally know, much better for planning purposes.