Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun Family Bonding Weekend

What a fun, but tiring weekend!

Justin's brother: Michael, and Mike's fiancee: Tiffany came to visit for the weekend. Justin was in some dire need of bonding time with his brother, and I had SO MUCH fun with Tiff! This was the first time that Tiff and I got to spend some time together without the other family around. I love that girl!
Tiffany and Mike sitting on the couch.

They drove all day Thursday and made it in time for a late dinner and talking.

Friday Justin had to go to work, so I got to hang out with them for most of the day. We started out by sleeping in and then went to a late lunch at Tako Yaki, which is a Hibachi grill type place. So yummy. After that, I drove them around town and gave them the quick tour. Mike remembered a few things from when he helped Justin move our stuff down here pre-wedding, but it was all new for Tiff. After the grand "tour," we ended up taking naps, they were still tuckered out from the long drive, and well, hey, I'm pregnant, that's aloud right?

Justin came home a little while later, and Tiff and I packed soda's and headed to Chattanooga for some fun girl bonding time. Honestly, it was hilarious, neither of us like to spend money, but we still went to the mall. Basically we just walked and talked until we saw the Bare Essentials store, and then we got "make-overs." It was fun to just do girly things without Justin asking when I will be done (Honestly, he's very patient, but it's still different.) After the mall we went to Babies R Us to check things out. We didn't stay long, but I got to test out a couple strollers, and I think I found the one!

We went back home and the boys had started dinner by getting the grill going. After dinner we played Risk (boys request), and then watched "Master of Disguise" (Also boys request).
Playing Risk.

Saturday was busy, but fun. We drove to downtown Chattanooga and bought tickets to the Tennessee Aquarium. (Side note: the aquarium is divided into two buildings and you can split up the day with them...) Well, we did the first building, the River Journey, and we thoroughly enjoy it. I've been there before, but the rest of our group hadn't. It was entertaining for me to watch everyone take pictures. Once we finished the River Journey, we headed to the Blue Plate for lunch. Again, I had been there before, but no one else had. The food was AMAZING, seriously, the best burger had have EVER had. The only hitch in lunch was that we were sitting in a booth, and poor Mike had a spring under him pop, and his leg got scratched pretty bad.... bad enough that we got our entire meal (appetizer, meal, and dessert) for free! Mike only wanted to let the waiter know so others wouldn't have the same problem, but the waiter got the manager, and without us asking, they said the whole meal was free, and that we should order dessert too! I felt bad that Mike got hurt, but not having to pay was awesome!
Mike pouting and looking at his leg, us girls, giving the thumbs up for a free meal.

Once we had completely stuffed ourselves, we headed to the Aquarium's IMax theater and saw this really cute show about elephants and orangutans called "Born to be Wild." Then we finished the Aquarium by going through the other building called Ocean Adventure. By that time we were all exhausted, so we headed home, ate dinner, and played more Risk. Unfortunately, Mike and Tiff had to leave in the morning, so we didn't stay up too late.

They left early Sunday morning, and Justin and I headed to church. Sunday afternoon Justin and I set up the nursery! We spent two hours putting together the crib, the changing table and rearranging so everything fit. I love having the nursery set up! We still have a couple things to get, or to move out of the room. But still! I will post pictures of the nursery once it's all done. After that, I started my registry online for the things we still need... and I got my reality check: I've always known babies were expensive, but dang!

We created so many special memories this weekend. I can't wait to see what other memories will be created in the months to come!

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