Friday, July 8, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 Weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: At my last doctors appointment, I had lost a total of 4 pounds, but I'm going back next week. I hope it's good news!

Gender: Don't know yet, we find out July 20th! So excited!

Movement: I think my baby might grow up to be a dancer, because I'm pretty sure I have a break-dancer in my tummy! I have a very active baby!

Baby is Big as a: Mango (6 inches, .5 lbs)

Sleep: Sleep has gotten a little better. I think I'm just used to the new kind of "sleep" I get. I have another confession, I LOVE my pregnancy pillow! I have crazy and vivid dreams... they are almost always violent though! What's with that?

What I miss: Not too much... probably just having an appetite.

Cravings: Potato Chips! However, I will not cave on this one, there is like no nutritional value with potato chips, and I will not eat them... But oh, the salty goodness.

Food Aversions: Hot dogs... *shutter*
I like things like Skittles, but they give me crazy heartburn, so I guess I have an aversion to them.

Symptoms: I don't have morning sickness like I used to, but I still get really car sick.
Round ligament pain... by the end of the day my lower tummy is TIRED!
Oh, and if I'm on my feet for a long time (like at Disney) my feet swell. That has never happened to me before (not including my surgeries...).

Best Moment this week: Feeling my sweet baby move and visiting good friends over the 4th.

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