Monday, July 11, 2011

A Weekend Full of the Elevate Youth

Weekend two out of five done. As I said earlier, July is going to be CrAZy.

This past weekend started out with Justin and I heading out to this place called The Blue Hole with our youth group and a couple other adults. It's basically a really deep spot in a river with large rocks all around it. Sounds weird, but actually pretty cool. The water is so deep that you can jump about 30 feet off the side of a cliff into the water and not get hurt. The creepy part is that the water is so clean and clear you can see the rocks on the bottom of the river.
Don't worry, I didn't do any jumping... or swimming for that matter, this pregnant woman doesn't plan on getting in a swimsuit anytime soon... Justin didn't even get in the water. He was happy just taking pictures of everything going on. The bummer is you have to hike about 15 minutes to get to this Blue Hole place. After about four hours of jumping and swimming the Blue Hole started to get busy, so the youth decided it was time to go. Here are a few photos from this little adventure.
The youth hiking to the Blue Hole.

You can see the two spots to jump from... and how clear the water is.

Me, chilling out at our 'campsite.'

Pretty. Look at how clear the water is!
Sunday morning we went to church (which was great, I LOVED the worship yesterday...) but the youth stuff came after the service. We have been trying to raise money for a ministry called Speed the Light. Which is an organization that buys things like sound equipment and vehicles for missionaries. Anyway, we really needed a good fundraiser to catch up with our goal... and boy did we find one! We auctioned off the youth! OK, that sounds way creepier than it was. What happened is when everyone was still in their pews after service, we had all the youth come up on stage and be auctioned off to do a certain chore, like babysitting, or lawn mowing. Pastor Jonathan put himself up to clean toilets and clean out gutters. We even had a real auctioneer! That really made all the difference. He was able to make the experience fun for everyone, and I think helped us raise more money than we would have been able to without him! The auction only lasted about a half hour, but we raised almost $2,000! It was incredible! God is so good.

It was an eventful, but nice weekend. I'm really looking forward to next weekend too! Family time!

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