Monday, August 29, 2011

The Cake Final

Tonight was my last Lesson One Wilton Cake Decorating Class.

We learned how to make roses and write with frosting. I caught on pretty quickly, and started to work on my "final cake."

Quick Note: I made my frosting a little differently than than the Wilton workbook says to. I used half Crisco, and half unsalted butter. It tasted MUCH better and was easier to work with as long as I didn't get it too warm with my hands.

So, my final cake was something I could decorate any way I wanted. Of course, I chose a Disney theme!
"Oh Boy!" It's Minnie and Mickey getting ready for a kiss!

The inside was chocolate with chocolate layers. Yummy!

I'm thinking about taking the next class in September, but I'm not sure yet. Things are starting to get busy before Baby Boy comes!

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  1. Hey! I found your blog through BEB!

    I think that cake looks awesome - did you really decorate that yourself! Yum :)

    -Ariana at