Monday, August 22, 2011

Cupcakes and Flowers

Tonight was my third cake decorating class out of the Wilton Lesson One Book.

I have been looking forward to tonight because we were learning how to make flowers and leaves, and all sorts of other fun pretty things.

Again, I pretty much knew most of what we were doing, but I learned some new techniques. I also learned that I can't use clumpy powdered sugar because I will never be able to get all the clumps out and it will clog my decorating tips... super annoying.

We didn't decorate a whole cake tonight, we used cupcakes. Here are my three favorite cupcakes...
My shaggy "MUMppet" Cupcake... LOL.

My "No I've never worked at DQ" cupcake.

My coral cupcake. It kinda looks like something from the sea...
It was a pretty fun night, but I'm exhausted. Next week is the last class, and we are decorating our "final" cake. I already have decided on my theme..... it's a surprise.

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