Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Lemony Dream Come True....

So I just finished my pregnancy update post and the door bell rang, it was the mail lady with a GIANT package, and she says "Merry Christmas!"

I get the box inside, read who it's from (Justin's Aunt Kim from Indiana) and open it. It contained everything a pregnant woman could dream of!
I mean we are talking potato chips, lemon cookies, lemon gum, lemon Crystal Light, lemon Jelly Belly's, Lemonheads, a lemon sucker, Starburst, and even lemon lip balm! And it was all wrapped up pretty with tissue paper and in a pretty little daisy bag!

Talk about thoughtful! I think I have enough lemon stuff to last me the rest of this pregnancy and some of the next one! (Also, why is it that family always knows how work the loop holes in rules you set for yourself? Like me not buying potato chips for myself?)

Anyway, this post is the thank my Biddle family in Indiana for being AWESOME! You're crazy, but AWESOME!

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