Monday, August 1, 2011

My Mum's Wedding

Oh what a crazy whirlwind weekend! Yet, it was the perfect ending to a crazy month!

My mum finally got married last weekend! She has been engaged to the same man for 12 years, and with him for 13! So it was definitely time to tie the knot!

Justin and I didn't have any extra vacation time for this weekend, so my wonderful husband worked extra hours and fixed it so he could leave work on Friday at noon. So we got into Midland about 11:15pm on Friday night, and went to bed.

Saturday I woke up early and went to Big Boy with my Pop-sicle (Father), and had a little time with him. Once breakfast was done, I went back to my in-laws and got ready for the wedding. At 11 my sister-in-law did my hair (she's a hairstylist), and it looked fabulous. After that I went over to my mum's new house and helped her pick out her dress and did her make-up and a few other girly things. Then we headed over to the church!

The ceremony was quick. The only people invited were the pastor, bride, groom, my brother, my step-brother, me, and the hubby!
Adam, Me, Mum, Scott, Carson, (Back) Pastor, and Justin was taking the photos.

You may kiss the bride!
After the ceremony, we headed back to the love birds new house for family pictures and an open house! Evidently my mum made invites to their open house, but didn't tell anyone that it was partially because they got married! So most people were surprised that they finally got married!
Some family in Mum's new kitchen during the open house. Yes, I'm holding my back... I was tired!
Sunday we woke up early and drove all the way back to Tennessee!

This is my favorite photo that Justin took of my brother, me, and my mum.

It has been a crazy, and full month of friends and family. So many special memories have been created, but I must confess... I'm looking forward to a quiet August!

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