Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 25 Weeks

How Far Along: 25 Weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have gained two pounds since being pregnant. (Technically it's five because I lost three when I first got pregnant, but the doctor is only counting two. So, I'm only going to count two as well!)

Gender: BOY! We are so excited!

Movement: I think my baby might grow up to be a dancer, because I'm pretty sure I have a break-dancer in my tummy! I have a very active baby! He HATES being squished, so whenever I lean against something he "pushes" me away. Also, Justin finally felt his son!

Baby is Big as a: Eggplant (9.5 inches, 2 pounds)

Sleep: I'm used to the new kind of "sleep" I get.

What I miss: Not too much... just having clothing I can wear... Though I have discovered the joys of really really long and stretchy maternity tank tops...

Cravings: Oh! Salami sandwiches with white bread and lots of mustard, how I miss you! I've been loving grilled cheese sandwiches and french toast. (My husband makes the BEST french toast.)

Food Aversions: I like things like Skittles, but they give me crazy heartburn, so I guess I have an aversion to them.

Symptoms: By the end of the day my lower back is so sore and painful! I think I figured out why; I carry my baby boy really low, and he's just the height of my kitchen counters. So unless I want to squish him and have him beat me up, I have to arch my back so I can reach the stove, sink, and counter-tops... It's kind of ridiculous.

Best Moment this week: When Justin finally got to feel his son. I think I might have been more excited than him.

Something Random: All of the kids in our youth group keep forgetting I'm pregnant, and will be like "Oh man, I forgot you're pregnant, you don't look pregnant." Justin keeps assuring me it's just because I don't 'look' fat. Should I take this as a compliment?

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  1. I would take the 'you don't look pregnant' as a compliment. I'm so sick of putting on my jeans and having them just be uncomfortable.