Monday, August 29, 2011

Quick Weekend Recap

This weekend was a tiring one. It started off with the Elevate Youth Lock-In at our church, which, of course we were there for.

The night started off with worship, which was wonderful. I was stuck up in the balcony working the slides, so the pictures I got aren't great.
Right before worship started... setting up.

In the middle of worship.

After worship, the youth played flashlight tag, and ate pizza. Then we all jumped in a few vehicles and went midnight bowling! I was worried about taking that many people bowling and keeping track of people, but it actually worked out really well. Three hours later, we all went back to the church. Now this is where things get fuzzy for me... I slept. Yep, I was the loser who locked herself in a room and "slept." Everyone else was out playing more flashlight tag, basketball, board games, more worship, and eating snacks; but hey, I'm pregnant, and when this girl needs to sleep, don't mess with me! GRRRR!

I put "slept" in quotes because it was more like doze for a little and then jump awake when the youth started yelling. It didn't help that the little man inside me could hear all the noise and would kick as if to say, "What was that?"

Once the lock-in was done, Justin and I packed up and headed home for some real sleep. We got home a little after 8am, and ended up sleeping until almost 1pm! Well, we got our butts up out of bed and worked on the nursery!

I am so excited about this. I've wanted trees painted on the walls in the nursery since before I was pregnant. So I did a lot of research, and decided on tree wall decals that rub on the walls and can be taken off with heat from a blow-dryer. Saturday, we put them up!
Putting up the first tree...

You can see one tree done in the background, and Justin working on another one.
I just LOVE the trees! It looks like the Hundred Acre Wood! Don't worry, once the nursery is done, I'll post lots of pictures here on my blog to show everyone!

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