Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday in Atlanta: Meatballs and Baseballs

Saturday was a very busy, but an incredibly fun day for Justin and I.

For me it started out at a breastfeeding support group that I was invited to so I could meet other moms, and soon-to-be moms. The group on Saturday wasn't really focused on breastfeeding, but on diapering. More specifically they were talking about the differences between cloth diapers and disposable diapers. I am more confused now, but I feel more informed. Before the class I was set on disposable diapers, now I'm 50/50 on what I should do, so if you have opinions or advice, I'd gladly hear it.

After the support group class, Justin picked me up and we drove to Atlanta, GA. We had tickets for the Braves game, but I wanted to go early so I could finish up my baby registry at a HUGE Target. It even had it's own parking garage! It was a very productive trip. I even was able to try on a bunch of maternity clothes I was only able to get online. So now I know what fits and what doesn't. I was also able to buy a really long maternity tank top too...

We got done at Target earlier that we expected, so Justin decided we should go next door to the IKEA. My life has forever been changed... I LOVE IKEA!
Me, thoroughly enjoying myself.
We didn't buy anything execpt a plate of their meatballs to share because I've been told you can't go to IKEA without trying their Swedish meatballs! They were pretty good!
After IKEA we headed to Turner Field, and for those of you who know my husband, yes, of course we arrived before the gates even opened...
Justin took a picture of me as we were walking to the ballpark.

When the gates finally opened there was a "Legends" softball game. Basically, before the real game started we got to watch the old 1991 team play softball. It was kinda funny and sad at the same time. On a happy note, Justin caught a t-shirt from one of those canon things, which was pretty awesome because we were in the cheap seats (our favorite).
Justin and his rolled up T-shirt

The view from our seats.
Once the real game started, I was already tired of sitting in the stadium seats... so the game seemed really long. It also probably didn't help that the Braves lost. To be honest, we left in the middle of the 8th inning... that's how bad it was.

We were exhausted when we got home from our very eventful day, but we both agreed it was one of the best dates we've been on since being married.

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