Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend was pretty chill for us, which was LOVELY!

Friday night we headed up to Gatlinburg to spend time with Justin's grandparents. We even stayed with them so we didn't have to clean up the cabin when we left! Talk about a blessing! Grandma and Grandpa totally spoiled us the whole weekend. I don't think I've eaten that much in a LONG time! We also got to see a "Miracle" a show in Pigeon Forge with them.

Saturday they had to work, so Justin and I went to Tanger to make a few returns, and he made a few purchases. Then we headed to Danderidge, TN. Honestly, it's beautiful there, but not much goes on. So we walked around downtown, went in a couple shops, and even got some homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream! I found this really cute baby boutique; but unfortunately, it was a boutique, which means expensive! However, I fell in love with this little newsie style crocheted cap for my baby boy! I'm going to have to go on Esty to find one similar! When we were done in Danderidge we drove back to Gatlinburg. Then we napped, watched football, and watched a movie. Around 8pm Grandma and Grandpa came home from work and we all ate dinner and played cards. (Grandma and I taught the boys how it's done...)

Sunday we all got up for church and have a wonderful time with the Lord. After church we all went to Golden Corral and ate too much. (Isn't that the point of Golden Corral though?) Then we went back home for naps.... I loved all the sleeping. We finished the evening with more card playing.

Monday we got up and packed up. While Grandma was spoiling us with more food, Justin looked outside and saw humming birds! He just got a new camera, so of course he spent 20 minutes taking pictures. Here is my favorite one.
CUTE! I wanted to hold it.

After breakfast we headed home. Which turned out to be a good thing because Tropical Storm Lee decided to come crashing down upon us! It took us 45 minutes longer than normal to make it home, and then once we got back, we weren't sure we could make it back to our house! That's how flooded everything was! Here are a few pictures of the roads and greenway yesterday!
The Greenway... a walkway that goes under bridges and all through town. Can you see the little bench that is covered in water?

The road right before our house.... crazy amounts of water!
As I'm writing this it's still raining.... I hope it stops soon!

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