Saturday, September 10, 2011


Well, I believe it has started. I'm "nesting." It started out with me just making lists of things that needed to be done before my little man arrived, but now it has escalated to actually getting things off the list.
This is just page 1 of 5...
The thing I have crossed off my list recently is finishing the pillows for the futon in baby boy's room. Here are my final products:
The first pillow is blue with white polka dots. I love the cute little bee! The second pillow is white with white polka dots, but I put on the random blue dots on one side.

The futon with the finished pillows.
Sewing the pillows didn't take me too long, only three days of sewing a couple hours each. I could have gotten it done sooner, but my sewing machine was being stubborn.

We also got started on securing the bookshelves around the house. The downstairs bookshelf is done, but we need a couple more parts to finish the bookshelf in the nursery. Then I can cross another item off my list!

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