Thursday, October 13, 2011

Midland Baby Shower

It has been a very busy few days! Last weekend we left home on Thursday evening, spend the night in Ohio, and finished the trip to Midland, Michigan by Friday at lunch. We went to Midland to visit family and because my mom's were throwing me a baby shower!

The shower was AMAZING! I can't believe all the hard work that people put into it. It was so special, and I will treasure the memories forever. My mum was the "organizer" and she had gotten my mother-in-law, my step-mom, my step-sister, and a whole bunch of other people to help out, set decorations up, bake, etc.

For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, my nursery is classic Pooh Bear themed, so my mum had the shower Pooh themed as well. It was held at Whiting Forest, which is a giant garden of trees in the middle of town. Well, she managed to turn Whiting Forest into the Hundred Acre Woods! So cute! Here are a few pictures of what the place looked like.
The beautiful autumn decorated tables, the paper bags are the favors they had a cute beeswax candle in the shape of a beehive in them.

Eeyore's house! This was a group project... my Mum's idea, my step-father created it, and my Dad set it up at the shower! It was so cute to have it with the other Hundred Acre Wood homes!

My Mum painted Owl's house on cardboard and set it up along the walls of the room we were using.

She also created Piglet/Pooh's home! Do you see the hunny pot? She had about ten of those scattered around the room. So cute!

Winnie-the-Pooh and most of his Hundred Acre Friends all at their own table. The frame there was for people to write blessing to baby boy. I will hang it in his room.
The food was amazing too! I love YaYa's salads, so my mum had their grilled chicken salad and pita bread, along with some really cute bee cupcakes, and my mother-in-law brought even more food and drinks. I'm pretty sure my step-mom and step-sister even brought food! Needless to say, I'm pretty sure they could have fed an army! But it all tasted so good! I went up for seconds...
The drink table along with the diaper cake my step-sister made! Isn't it cute!

Part of the food table... Those square things are pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting... YUM! My mum also made merigue mushrooms to the left, and my mother-in-law made acorns out of Hershey kisses and cookies! There was a TON more food not pictured as well.

Setting up the food tables!
The adorable mini bee cupcakes!
Once everyone arrived, we all sat down to eat all that glorious food! (Baby boy and I were HUNGRY!) After eating, everyone watched me open the mountain of gifts they brought! I was so blessed, and overwhelmed! I didn't quite know what to do with myself!
Baby boy is VERY loved, and he's not even here yet! :D
I am looking forward to putting all his cute things away in his nursery very soon!
Thank you to EVERYONE who made my first baby shower so special, and to EVERYONE who came! Y'all blessed my socks off!

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