Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My 23rd Birthday Weekend!

My birthday weekend actually started a few weeks ago when my lovely husband gave me part of my present early... (We are both like that, we can't wait to give each other gifts) A Pandora charm for my bracelet. It's a cute little baby buggy!
My little baby buggy Pandora charm!
My mum and grandma also sent me gifts early... fall maternity clothing, Michigan maple syrup, and other fun goodies!

Now jump to last Saturday. The second part of my gift was getting the 3D/4D ultrasound done so I could see how my little cutie pie was doing!
To see more pictures, and read the blog post, click here.
It was so special to find out little things about my little man. For example, he likes to sleep on one hand, while holding on to his ear with his other hand! Also that he has huge feet, and his hands are so chubby, it doesn't even look like he has wrists!

Earlier that day we had also split a chicken gyro at a favorite restaurant and gone to McKay's to buy what seemed like a million Dr. Seuss books for baby boy. Justin tells me we still have a lot more to get. :)  He plans on reading to his son every night!

On Sunday we went to church, it was Pastor Appreciation Sunday, so there was a big meal after the service. We were kinda naughty... I had made two pumpkin pies, and we dropped them off after the service and left... to go eat at BDubs (for you southerners that is Buffalo Wild Wings). I really appreciate our pastors at church, thus the pies, but don't get between a pregnant birthday girl and her buffalo wings! ;)

Monday, my actual birthday, wasn't that eventful... I had the car cleaned for a trip coming up, and I did some laundry... However, I did eat cake. Justin and I split a LARGE slice of Strawberry Shortcake Roll from the City Cafe Diner. Seriously, the BEST cake ever.

It was definitely a birthday weekend to remember... right up there with the my 10th birthday party, and my 22nd birthday trip to Disney when I swam with Dolphins.

Thanks go out to my sweet husband for making me feel like a princess! Love you!

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