Monday, October 17, 2011

"Relaxing" Weekend

Justin and I didn't have big plans for this past weekend... I meant we had just spent ten days away from home (Midland and Cincinnati). But somehow we still managed to feel tired at the end of each day.

Friday was spent coming home from Justin's Cincinnati work trip. When we got home, I made dinner, and Justin unloaded all the goodies from the Midland Baby Shower. (We are still trying to find room for all our little man's new things!) Then we basically just crashed. However, we did play with a few of the baby things... Justin set up the pack n' play, all the while grumbling that it's a good thing he's an engineer... Seriously funny.
Justin wrestling the pack n' play.
Saturday we realized we still had no food in the house, so we went out to get donuts for breakfast. Then we drove around town a little while going to garage sales, but it wasn't a great weekend for that. So we ran a few errands, split a Moe's burrito for lunch, and went home. Justin worked on setting up strollers, and other baby things, and I went grocery shopping. After dinner we tried to clean up the baby shower bomb that went off in the living room, but I'm pretty sure all we succeeded in doing was moving it to the nursery minus the cardboard.

Sunday I went to church, and Justin went to work... he was on call Sunday. After church I went to the Chattanooga mall, and had a little "me time." I had a little birthday money left over that was burning a hole in my pocket... when I came home Justin had done a bit more cleaning downstairs, and had dealt with the dishes in the kitchen! Talk about a nice surprise! We pretty much just bummed around the house the rest of the day. It was nice.

We that's about it. Not a really exciting weekend, but we got a lot done.

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