Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 39 Weeks

Sorry that I look so tired... I have a cold and I'm pregnant...

How Far Along: 39 Weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have gained 26 pounds since being pregnant.

Gender: BOY! We are so excited!

Movement: I have a very active baby! I can feel him "stretching" frequently now. He's really run out of room!

Baby is Big as a: Watermelon (19 to 22 inches, 6 to 9 pounds)

Sleep: It's lovely when I can get it! My hips are killing me now; and it's hard to move, let alone roll over.

What I miss: Being able to hug someone without my belly getting in the way. Also, I can't really touch my feet anymore...awkwardness.

Cravings: Nothing at this point...

Food Aversions: None!

Symptoms: I'm just uncomfortable all the time! I wear out really quickly. Grocery shopping about does me in. My hips are beyond sore.

Doctor Update: I am almost 3 cm dilated, and 70% effaced. My doctor also stripped my membranes today, so we are really just waiting for Jonah to show up!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Our Thanksgiving weekend actually started last Wednesday around noon. Justin came home from work a little early, we loaded up the car and then went to my doctors appointment before heading up to Gatlinburg.

Doctor Update:
  • Jonah is looking great.
  • I am 1 cm dialated and 50% effaced.
  • My doctor thinks Jonah will come before his December 6th due date! Please pray that he does!
Once we made it to Gatlinburg, I baked a couple pumpkin pies and cinnamon strudel coffee cake. Then Justin's parents and sister made it to the cabin from their long drive from Michigan. We all sat around and talked for a while, and then went to bed.

Thursday we all got up and watch the Macy's Parade on t.v. and Mom made all sorts of Thanksgiving goodies for later. Once everyone was ready, we headed to the grandparents cabin a few miles away and ate... and ate... and ate. After eating I had to take a nap... Basically I passed out in a spare room for a few hours. I'm not sure what everyone else did, but when I woke up it was dark. Then, of course, we ate dessert! I will be posting my pumpkin pie recipe, my gingerbread recipe, and my sugar cookie recipe here later on. After dessert we played cards and talked. Something very special to me is that after cards everyone sat in a circle in the living room and spoke blessings over Jonah. Then everyone prayed for him and for his delivery. It was so sweet and special... something I will always remember. God's got big plans for this little boy.
Sarah wanted a picture "with" Jonah... LOL
"Family Photo"

Friday we bummed around in the morning and then went out to lunch. After eating too much again, we walked around downtown Gatlinburg and did a little shopping. We headed back up to the cabin for dinner (yummy leftovers), and then went to Dollywood to see the Christmas lights!

Saturday, the kids (meaning Justin, Sarah, and I) went back to Dollywood to ride a few rides... (O.K., I practiced my mom skills and held their stuff while they rode rides, but I still had fun, and I'm hoping all that walking I did will help Jonah arrive!) Once we had done everything we wanted to, we met back up with Mom and Dad and did a little shopping around Pigeon Forge. After that we pretty much just bummed around the cabin and enjoyed family time.

Sunday everyone had to go home; so Mom, Dad, and Sarah started the long drive back to Michgian, and Justin and I slowly got our acts together and made the drive home.

It was such a wonderful mini vacation, but we were glad to be home.
All we need to do now is wait to Jonah to arrive!

P.S. My husband read my post and wanted to know why his pictures of the pileated woodpeckers we saw didn't make it in this post... honestly, I didn't know how to incorporate it, but here is a picture of the giant woodpeckers anyway!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Unveiling the Nursery!

Well, I finally finished the nursery today. I'm not sure what did it, but I woke up today and decided it was time to put everything away and finish up a few last little projects.

I tried to get everything in the room in one photo, I didn't think it would be so hard since it's a small room!

The view from the closet. Look at all the stuffed animals Jonah already has! He's so spoiled. ;)

My favorite part... the glider with the little table. I look forward to rocking my little boy to sleep.

The Graco "Lauren" crib that we got before I was even pregnant! It will turn into a toddler bed and a twin bed later on.

The Graco "Lauren" changing table we got for free when we purchased the crib.

The glider again... Pooh Bear is ready for Jonah too!
It feels great to have it all done, and now Jonah can come ANY time because everything is ready! *Hint, hint little man!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Maternity Pictures!

My maternity pictures have been ordered, and Captured Photography posted them on Facebook last night! I am so excited to share these awesome photos with everyone!

Also, I guess since my little's man's name is all over these pictures, I'll officially announce that his name will be Jonah Justin Biddle.

Without further ado, the pictures!:

A special thanks to Captured Photography for letting me post these pictures on my blog.

Also, I want to add that they took many more pictures but I only ordered a few... I figured I could go picture crazy once we have Jonah's newborn pictures taken in December.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flat Iron Cover & My 100th Post!

I wanted to celebrate my 100th blog post somehow, but I have so few followers, I didn't think a give-away would be the best way... thus, I'm sharing a pattern I created!
My flat iron cover with my Chi poking out the top.

My flat iron cover... closed.

My husband and I do a lot of traveling and he likes to leave early in the morning and drive when it's still dark... me, I like to sleep. So he wakes me up, I get ready, and then sleep in the car while he drives in the wee hours of the morning. Works great for the both of us! Well, I thought it did. I found out my wonderful hubby got tired of having to pack my flat iron separately in the car while it cooled down. He basically informed me that I needed to buy a case for my flat iron so I could put it back in the bathroom bag while it was still warm. I figured, whatever, I'll just go on Esty and order a cute cover! The only problem is that I'm cheap. I didn't want to pay someone to make me something that I could make myself! And so it began. I did a little research, bought the materials, and planned my attack. Now I'm sharing "my attack" with you!
Click image to enlarge. Feel free to print it out, just keep in mind it's for personal use!

Click image to enlarge. Feel free to print it out, just keep in mind it's for personal use!

If you need help, or my instructions aren't clear (it's my first written down pattern), just comment on this post, or email me! I'd be happy to help!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Ready...

This past weekend we spent most of the weekend getting ready for our little man to arrive!

First off Justin got the car seat in the car and I had it checked by a certified lady at my doctor's office. He did a great job because she didn't have to fix anything!
The 'beautiful' carseat! My mother-in-law was awesome and special ordered it!
I also spent some time getting a goodie basket for the nurses at our hospital ready. I even wrote out my birth plan and attached it to the basket.
The nurse's goodie basket full of candy, coffee, hot cocoa, and cider!
My husband is super awesome and even helped me reorganize the pantry!

We also packed for the hospital. I've been putting this off for a while, and I'm really not sure why... but it's done now. My bag, Justin's bag (he wanted his own), and the diaper bag are all set and waiting. I even moved everything from my large purse and consolidated to a little wristlet so I can throw it in the diaper bag when little boy get here!
If anyone has suggestions of things I might need or want at the hospital, PLEASE comment and let me know!
Last, we got our video monitor on Saturday and Justin had fun setting that up in the nursery.

The only thing I have left to do is tidy up the nursery. I still have to put away a few gifts and write a few thank you notes. As soon as that is done I'll be posting the long-awaited pictures of the finished nursery!

Goal for next weekend: finish our Christmas shopping and wrapping. I want that all done before life gets crazy!

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Very Full Weekend

Justin and I had a very busy, but fun weekend.

It actually started on Thursday for me because my lovely church family threw me a baby shower! It was really quite sweet of them. It was nice talking with the women from my church, learning more about them, and just plain enjoying some fellowship time! I was blown away by their generosity with gifts! My little boy is so spoiled already! Here are a few photos from the shower:
A really yummy cake with baby boy's monogram on it!

Cute decorations!

Yummy food! Someone made chocolate covered pretzels... my favorite!
Friday, I went to Justin's work for the first time... they also threw us a baby shower! I LOVED getting to meet his co-workers (who are hilarious), and seeing his office (which he cleaned because I was coming...LOL). They truly blessed us. Here are a couple pictures from that baby shower:
Look at all the food! My favorite part... they had Panera cater it! I LOVE Panera!

The cute fudge Pooh cake!

They had TWO cakes! This one was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting... Mmmm...

Justin cutting one of the cakes... he was so embarrassed.
Friday afternoon/evening the hubby and I started to put up our Christmas decorations... I know, I know, it's crazy early. But I LOVE Christmas, and our little man is due right around the normal time to put up decorations... as in December 6th. I wanted to make sure we actually decorated for Christmas, and Justin agreed to my insanity because as he put it, "I wanted help while Megan still had energy!" Honestly though, he still did most of the work.
Our Christmas Tree

Justin's Lego Toy Story train under the tree.

Our "fireplace" with stockings!

My lovely nativity scene.

Saturday morning we finished decorating (or I supervised while Justin was awesome), and cleaned up the house. We were planning on going out to eat with some friends and then coming back to our house for gingerbread cookies and leftover baby shower cake. Which is what happened Saturday evening.
The gingerbread cookies I made for dessert.

Sunday we went to church. I had my last nursery work until little boy is here and it's a good thing: I was exhausted after! We ended up bumming around the house all afternoon and going to bed early.

It was a very full weekend, but it was a fun one.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 35 Weeks

How Far Along: 35 Weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have gained 18 pounds since being pregnant. Yes, I lost a pound! I'm thinking that since I've finally figured out how to manage the swelling/puffiness that I'm not retaining as much water. My doctor didn't seem concerned that I lost weight. Also, I will be going to the doctor every week now!

Gender: BOY! We are so excited!

Movement: I have a very active baby! I can feel him "stretching" frequently now. He's really starting to run out of room! This week he has learned how to push on my ribs, and my stomach.

Baby is Big as a: Large cantaloupe (19 to 22 inches, 6 pounds)

Sleep: It's lovely when I can get it! Little boy usually wakes me up before I want to wake... He wants mama to go eat something! I don't need my boppy maternity pillow anymore, my belly is big enough to keep me from rolling over!

What I miss: Being able to hug someone without my belly getting in the way. Also, I can't really touch my feet anymore...awkwardness.

Cravings: Still craving the red meat on the occasion and now salad. I also love anything spicy, this could be spicy as in my tongue is on fire, or a lot of cinnamon. I like cinnamon.
The biggest thing is that I just seem to be hungry all the time...

Food Aversions: None! :D

Symptoms: I'm just uncomfortable all the time! I wear out really quickly. Grocery shopping about does me in. I can't believe that I have 4-5 more weeks of this!

Can't wait to meet our baby boy in about five weeks!