Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Ready...

This past weekend we spent most of the weekend getting ready for our little man to arrive!

First off Justin got the car seat in the car and I had it checked by a certified lady at my doctor's office. He did a great job because she didn't have to fix anything!
The 'beautiful' carseat! My mother-in-law was awesome and special ordered it!
I also spent some time getting a goodie basket for the nurses at our hospital ready. I even wrote out my birth plan and attached it to the basket.
The nurse's goodie basket full of candy, coffee, hot cocoa, and cider!
My husband is super awesome and even helped me reorganize the pantry!

We also packed for the hospital. I've been putting this off for a while, and I'm really not sure why... but it's done now. My bag, Justin's bag (he wanted his own), and the diaper bag are all set and waiting. I even moved everything from my large purse and consolidated to a little wristlet so I can throw it in the diaper bag when little boy get here!
If anyone has suggestions of things I might need or want at the hospital, PLEASE comment and let me know!
Last, we got our video monitor on Saturday and Justin had fun setting that up in the nursery.

The only thing I have left to do is tidy up the nursery. I still have to put away a few gifts and write a few thank you notes. As soon as that is done I'll be posting the long-awaited pictures of the finished nursery!

Goal for next weekend: finish our Christmas shopping and wrapping. I want that all done before life gets crazy!

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