Monday, November 7, 2011

A Very Full Weekend

Justin and I had a very busy, but fun weekend.

It actually started on Thursday for me because my lovely church family threw me a baby shower! It was really quite sweet of them. It was nice talking with the women from my church, learning more about them, and just plain enjoying some fellowship time! I was blown away by their generosity with gifts! My little boy is so spoiled already! Here are a few photos from the shower:
A really yummy cake with baby boy's monogram on it!

Cute decorations!

Yummy food! Someone made chocolate covered pretzels... my favorite!
Friday, I went to Justin's work for the first time... they also threw us a baby shower! I LOVED getting to meet his co-workers (who are hilarious), and seeing his office (which he cleaned because I was coming...LOL). They truly blessed us. Here are a couple pictures from that baby shower:
Look at all the food! My favorite part... they had Panera cater it! I LOVE Panera!

The cute fudge Pooh cake!

They had TWO cakes! This one was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting... Mmmm...

Justin cutting one of the cakes... he was so embarrassed.
Friday afternoon/evening the hubby and I started to put up our Christmas decorations... I know, I know, it's crazy early. But I LOVE Christmas, and our little man is due right around the normal time to put up decorations... as in December 6th. I wanted to make sure we actually decorated for Christmas, and Justin agreed to my insanity because as he put it, "I wanted help while Megan still had energy!" Honestly though, he still did most of the work.
Our Christmas Tree

Justin's Lego Toy Story train under the tree.

Our "fireplace" with stockings!

My lovely nativity scene.

Saturday morning we finished decorating (or I supervised while Justin was awesome), and cleaned up the house. We were planning on going out to eat with some friends and then coming back to our house for gingerbread cookies and leftover baby shower cake. Which is what happened Saturday evening.
The gingerbread cookies I made for dessert.

Sunday we went to church. I had my last nursery work until little boy is here and it's a good thing: I was exhausted after! We ended up bumming around the house all afternoon and going to bed early.

It was a very full weekend, but it was a fun one.

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