Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jonah's Birth Story...

I have a couple minutes here while my sweet little Jonah bear cuddles with Daddy to write how he came into the world.
Justin took this great photo of Jonah.

It all started Wednesday the 7th. I went to the doctor's to see how Jonah was doing and everything looked great for the schedule induction the next day. My doctor suggested that we check into the hospital that night so I could start to receive a drug that would make me efface and dilate a little more. So at 9pm on the 7th we checked in, and I was hooked up to a ton of machines. The IV wasn't too bad, but I hated the monitors that tracked my contractions and little man's heartbeat. They were too finicky and made it almost impossible to sleep. But sleep I did, and had to wake up every hour or so to be checked and given more medication. While on the the strange little effacement/dilation pill I started to get very mild contractions, but nothing too bad.
Me in the lovely hospital gown... I look huge.

Thursday the 8th, at 8:30am my doctor came and checked me. I was 85% effaced and 3 cm dilated. So at 9am she broke my water. Strangest thing ever. Almost immediately my contractions got stronger and harder. I had started real labor! The contractions were about 2 minutes apart and would last about a minute. Justin called our doulas (Megan and Brooke), and they came within the hour... and I'm glad they came so quickly because my contractions were coming fast. At noon the nurse checked me, and I had dilated to 6cm! Hearing that made it worth all the crazy pain. During that time I had found out that it was easiest to deal with the contractions by standing and leaning on Justin while he massaged my back, and the doulas would rub my back and perform different pressure tricks to my hips. Yes, at many points during my labor I had three people helping me... talk about blessed! About an hour and half later, I was in so much pain that my doctor checked me again. She was surprised to announce that I was fully effaced and dilated to 10cm! After 8 minutes of pushing, Jonah Justin Biddle arrived!

Jonah moments after he was born.

Most women enjoy telling others how their labor lasted 38 hours and was horrible. I can now enjoy telling others how I was in labor for four and a half hours, and that it was very difficult, but worth it.

There are so many ways that God was a part of this special time. For example, one of the things that helped me deal with a few of the tougher contractions was hearing my husband whisper prayers into my ear. Then there was a neat coincidence while I was pushing; Brooke (one of my doulas) told me to breath like I was trying to keep a feather in the air... well, I looked up, and there was a feather stuck in the air vent above me. I figured she was talking about that, so I breathed trying to blow it loose from the vent. And then there's not to mention only 4.5 hours of labor! There are so many other amazing little gifts from God during my time in the hospital, but it's been ten amazing days with the biggest gift from God, my son, and I can barely remember when I need to take more Tylenol let alone all the wonderful little things that happened that day.

The first night at home with Jonah was tough, we got basically no sleep because we couldn't put him down. He couldn't sleep on his back because he would spit up and choke. It also didn't help that the baby blues hit me full force, and I wasn't handling everything too well. Grandma came the next day and things slowly got better. We learned that I need as much sleep as I could get so I was able to deal with the blues, and we slowly learned things about sweet Jonah. He likes it crazy warm in the house, and to be bundled up tight. He loves to suck on his fist (he currently has a hickey on the back of his hand). He loves to stare at the Christmas tree. He has the sweetest temperament ever. He loves to ride in the car. We also learned that he likes to sleep on his side with a million blankets wrapped around him. So now we don't have to hold him 24/7 anymore!

The last thing that I wanted to post is that last Friday we went to his first wellness checkup with his pediatrician. He was born at 7lbs, 1 oz. After just one week he now weighs 7lbs, and 4oz! My sweet little man is healthy and growing. The best thing is that we can now let him sleep as long as he wants and just feed him on demand instead of trying to wake him every 2-3 hours to feed him. I'm happy to tell you that he consistently sleeps for four hours, will nurse, "play" for about an hour and half, nurse again, and then sleep for another four hours! Sleep for mommy and daddy! Yay!
My sweet little boy cuddling with me.

Thank you for all your prayers during this special time in our lives... we appreciate it. Please keep those prayers coming! Justin and I learned very quickly that just like everything else in our lives, prayer and God are essential in raising our sweet little Jonah.


  1. Congratulations on your beautiful boy! He is so lucky to have you as parents.

  2. Love that little man and loved reading your story. :)