Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Merry Christmas 2011

Family Photo

Christmas this year was wonderful, and extremely tiring at the same time! I have a feeling that with a newborn, it's always that way.

Our trip started out on Tuesday, December 20th when we packed up our little man and made the drive to Michigan. Normally that trip takes us about 11 hours, this time it took us 13 hours. Not too shabby if you ask me! Jonah was an angel the trip up and slept as long as we were moving.

For the few days before Christmas we just spent time hanging out with family. Christmas Eve we took Jonah to my Dad's house and we opened presents and just hung out for a while. Later that evening we went to my grandfather's church for the evening service. Jonah was a perfect little boy sleeping on mommy during the service. There was one moment of hilarity though... there were three little girls quietly singing "Jingle Bells" during the service and Jonah let out a HUGE burp... people turned around it was so loud. Justin and I couldn't stop laughing. After the service we went over to my aunt's house and introduce Jonah to more family members.
Grandpa Art meeting Jonah with Uncle Adam and my Dad after the Christmas Eve service.

Christmas Day was spent with Justin's family. It was nice to just chill for most of the day. Around two we opened more presents and then again, just hung out. I have a feeling that will be the last time to sleep in Christmas morning for a long time.
My little Christmas Elf!

The day after Christmas we went to my mum's house and had Christmas again! Again we introduced Jonah to more extended family. Another funny story... while we were at my mum's house, my brother decided he wanted to try to change a diaper. Adam was doing a good job, but he was taking his sweet time doing it. Jonah hates being... um... exposed, so he decided to speed up the process by peeing on his Uncle Adam! Adam decided he was done changing the diaper, so I finished up.
Jonah and Uncle Adam

Tuesday we had Jonah's newborn photos taken with Captured Photography. The same studio that took my maternity photos. I am looking forward to sharing those soon.

Wednesday was my in-law's 26th wedding anniversary so that evening the whole family went to Frankenmuth to eat at the "world famous" Zehnder's chicken restaurant. I was super nervous about taking Jonah because it was his first time eating out. He handled it like a champ though! He was wide awake, but happy until dessert when he fell asleep. It couldn't have gone better, except that right before the food came we discovered that he wet though his diaper, onesie, and pants. Our table was in the corner of the restaurant so we actually changed his clothing and diaper in his car-seat at the table. It was an adventure for sure!
Family Photo at Zehnders
Changing the diaper and clothes in the car seat.

Thursday we packed up and spent some time saying goodbye to family. It was sad to say goodbye, but it was time for us to have some time just being the three of us before Justin goes back to work on Tuesday. Friday we drove home.

It was a very eventful trip, but only because a newborn was thrown in the mix. I'm looking forward to more everyday things that turn into adventures because of my little Jonah Bear!

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