Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Waiting Game...

Today is my due date. According to the doctors, this is the day that Jonah should be here. Actually, my doctor has been telling me for the past week and a half that Jonah could show up any time. Let me tell you, that is the WRONG thing to tell a pregnant woman with a super excited husband and family.

I've been going crazy waiting for my little boy to arrive for the past week and a half. I actually started screening my calls from family, or just letting Justin deal with them. I'm tired of people asking me "how are you feeling?" or "Jonah's not here yet?". It makes me want to be mean and claim, "Oh, how am I feeling? I'm dying, but I have decided to stay pregnant forever, and not deliver the baby at all." But of course, that would be extremely rude when the people asking are just excited to meet Jonah. It also bothers me when people claim "Oh, he will come when it's God's timing." or "He will come when he's ready." I know these things in my heart, and I know they are right, but hearing them over and over is like putting salt in a wound.

I have an  induction scheduled for Thursday, but I really hope I don't need it. My goal is to deliver Jonah without an epidural, and I've been told that when you are induced, the contractions are a lot stronger, and it's harder to labor without pain medication. Plus, I was hoping to be able to be up and around, use the jacuzzi tub, and labor any way I wanted to instead of being stuck in a bed.

At this point, I'm just walking, bouncing on my exercise ball, drinking lots of fluids, drinking raspberry leaf tea, eating spicy food, and basically every other thing I can think of or find on the internet that isn't dangerous.

I guess I just have to wait, and remember that the Lord helped us get pregnant, and He knows when I'm suppose to meet the little boy He's blessed us with... (just don't remind me of this, I can remember it myself.) ;)

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