Monday, January 16, 2012


This past weekend was busy, but wonderful. This past week was busy... we'll just say busy.

As it turns out being a mommy to a newborn is hard! I learned that the hard way last week. Things are going better now, but last Tuesday I learned a few lessons the hard way.

I spend most of Tuesday on little to no sleep, no liquids, and one granola bar. Yes, I know, looking back it sounds ridiculous, but I was sleep deprived with a screaming infant who would not calm down. I ended up calling my hubby at work while bawling my eyes out and he came home early with chicken nuggets, took Jonah, and sent me to bed. After eating, and getting a couple hours of sleep, it's amazing how much better the world looked. Jonah was still having a tough time, but I was able to handle it a little better.

As for last weekend, it was fun! Saturday I went to my breastfeeding support group and took Jonah. He was a perfect angel with all sorts of crying kids around him! It was nice finding out that crying kids don't make him cry too! After the support group Justin babysat Jonah and I went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D by myself. It was so nice! I loved the movie (my favorite growing up), but I also loved having some alone time that didn't involved the grocery store!

Sunday we went to church, and Jonah was wonderful, he slept once worship was done. Sunday afternoon we cleaned our house so our connect group could meet there, and then Sunday evening we met up with Justin's grandparents who came down from Indiana to meet Jonah for the first time!
Grandpa Biddle holding Jonah.

Grandma Biddle enjoying Jonah's funny faces.
Busy, but wonderful.

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