Monday, January 30, 2012

A Little Adventurous...

We were a little adventurous this past weekend.

Thursday night, at about midnight, we had our good friends the Wilson's arrive at our house. They were going to be staying at our house for the weekend.

Friday morning Justin went to work, and I hung out with Jonah. The Wilson's woke up and got ready to go see a few other friends they have in town. Around two, Justin came home from work, and we packed up to go to Gatlinburg for the weekend... His parents came down from Michigan for the weekend. When Jonah woke up for his 3 o'clock feeding the Wilson's came back and we all talked for a few minutes while Jonah ate. Then we loaded up the car, said goodbye to our friends, and drove to Gatlinburg. We spent most of the evening talking with family.

Saturday Justin and I got to "sleep in" because Grandma (Jonah's grandma) took care of him for us. Yay for sleep!
Grandma cuddling Jonah!

After Jonah's nap we all went to Tanger for a little shopping. Jonah got a few new clothes from Carter, as they were having a sale. Speaking of my sweet little boy. He fell asleep during the car ride to Tanger and slept the whole shopping trip! He was such a good little boy! After shopping we all went to Olive Garden for a late lunch/ early dinner. Again, my little man fell asleep half way through dinner. He was such an angel! After Olive Garden we all went back up to the cabin. Justin and I packed up, I fed Jonah real quick and we headed home.

On the way home we stopped at Starbucks and when I was ordering our drinks, Jonah filled his pants. So I went to change him in the car and he wiggled so much that my jeans got poop on them... As I was trying to contain the wiggly little boy, Jonah proceeded to pee all over me, the backseat of the car, and himself. It reminded me of this Huggies commercial:
Well, I was soaked, but we were on our way home, so I just dealt with it... Honestly, it was really funny.

Sunday we went to church, and they had the "iServe Awards." Basically they were thanking everyone that served in the church in the past year. It also was a nice ending to pastor's sermon series on servanthood. The rest of the day we just chilled at home. It was a great weekend.

P.S. Just for good measure, I wanted to share this sweet photo of my sleeping angel.

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