Friday, January 20, 2012

Sweet Dreams...

I am so excited about what has happened around here the past couple days, I just had to share. Jonah now sleeps in his crib, and falls asleep by himself! And to top it all off, he is constantly happy, and smiles all the time!

I have to admit, it was really hard to begin with. I let my sweet little man cry-it-out yesterday for 15 minutes before he fell asleep the first time. I wanted to cry too! I felt like such a bad mama. However, the next time I did it, he only cried for 10 minutes, and Justin was so impressed too that I decided to try it again this morning... this time he only cried 5 minutes. And the rest of today? He just smiles up at me with his sleepy eyes and then goes to sleep! No more crying! Now I'm sure we'll have our tough days when he does cry a little more, but he is just so happy when he's awake now... so full of smiles, and so content, that I think it's worth it!

The only bummer part is we have a pretty strict schedule, and I'm not looking forward to when we have to veer off it for an appointment or church or something. He wakes up at 6am, feeds, is up and happy for about 45 minutes, goes to sleep, and at 9am I wake him up to eat, he's up for about 45 minutes, goes to sleep... The cycle repeats at 12, 3, 6, and 9pm. Then he only wakes up once during the night to eat at about 1 or 2am.

I'm sure we have a few kinks to work out, but Jonah and I are really enjoying our time together, and I'm feeling like a good mama!

We got this idea from the book "On Becoming Babywise" that a few friends suggested we read. Now I'm suggesting it too! It's working great for us.

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