Sunday, February 5, 2012

The House Search

Well, we have officially started to look for our first house. We've been renting the past few years, but now with Jonah, and all that comes with a baby, we know we need a house. Plus we are ready for home projects, and more privacy.

Justin is looking forward to yard work, and little projects like fixing the sink, or putting in a new light fixture. I'm looking forward to painting, and doing permanent house decorating... not the kind you do in a rental. We are both looking forward to more space and storage.

To start off our search we drove around to a few houses we were interested in. And tomorrow a realtor is coming to our townhouse to talk with us about what we are interested in.

Our 'must-haves' are a single family detached home. It must have at least three bedrooms, at least a bath and half (hopefully more), and at least a basement or garage. Our last must have is the zip code. We want to stay in a certain part of the city. (aka: mama doesn't want to drive more than 10 minutes to get diapers or milk.)

The next year is going to be very interesting... Let the search begin!

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