Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras

Last year for Mardi Gras Justin and I ate jambalaya and beignets. This year we basically did the same. However, this year I didn't use Tiana's recipe, instead I used beignet mix by Cafe du Monde.
It was WAY easier, and tasted just as good if not better. We found out about Cafe du Monde when Justin's father went to New Orleans for work last year.

Mardi Gras was very low key with Jonah this year, but I think it was just as fun as last year! I'm looking forward to more things we get to share with Jonah in 2012.


  1. My daughter got the recipe from Princess Tiana's Cookbook, and her and her dad love to make them. Apparently he has told her that they are going to go to New Orleans to get some - and watch a Saints game... I think he fully intends to go through with it!


  2. I love beignets!! I am totally craving some right now! Oh, and I just started following you on pinterest!

  3. We just moved to New Orleans and there is NOT a better beignet than Cafe du Monde! Yours look amazing.