Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two Months!

Well, as of today, two months have gone by since Jonah was born!
Look how much my little man has grown!
Jonah now weighs just over 9lbs. He is crazy long! So long in fact that he is wearing 3 month old pajamas for their length, and he actually is long enough for them. My little man still isn't chunking up, but he is gaining weight, so I'll just ask the pediatrician about it later this month. As for the rest of his clothing, he is officially out of newborn onesies, but his 3 month old onesies are a little big as you can see from the picture.

He is still in newborn sized diapers, but not for long. They are getting kinda tight, and we are ready to move on to cloth diapers. We tried them out last weekend, and they fit, but they look ridiculous because he's so skinny. So as soon as we run out of newborn diapers it's cloth diapers for the Jonah Bear.

He still eats every 3 hours (or sometimes a little sooner) during the day, and every 4 to 4.5 hours during the night. (He usually only wakes up once during the night to eat.)

His big milestones this past month are smiling, laughing, and falling in love with his baby gym. Seriously, he LOVES his gym. He's also copying mama and daddy's facial expressions and is able to copy our basic sounds like "ooooh." He is so much fun.

Last month Jonah was not in the mood for his picture to be taken so I just posted a few of the funnier grumpy pictures. This month Jonah was in the mood, but kept spitting up, sneezing, and looking at us like we were crazy. So here are a couple funny 2 month old pictures.
Caught mid-sneeze. Bless You!

Looking at us like "Seriously? I'm trying to chill with Pooh here."

And finally, just for kicks, his week old, and one month photos to compare. This just blows my mind!
Blanket, newborn onesie, and then 3 month old onesie!
The past two months haven't exactly gone by quickly, but things are so much better than when Jonah was one week old. I'm looking forward to the next month and seeing how much more he changes!

Mama loves you Jonah Bear!

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