Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

For those of you who know Justin and I well, you know that we can't ever wait to give each other gifts. As a result Justin gave me a valentine's gift early... like last Saturday.

It's actually a long story, starting with our honeymoon. We spent ten days at Walt Disney World for our honeymoon (surprise, right?). And at EPCOT's Japan you can pick out an oyster that the lovely Japanese ladies will open for you and hopefully (almost always) you can get a pearl! So of course we had to do that because I love pearls so much, and Justin thought it was a fun idea. So he picked out the oyster, and they opened it for us. The neat part is there wasn't just one pearl inside our oyster, there were two! Twin yellow pearls. We had them turn these beautiful pearls into stud earrings for me. Well, I loved these special earrings so much that I wore them practically every day for two years. Then one sad, sad day, a pearl fell off of it's post. No more magical-Disney-honeymoon-pearls for me. Or so I thought...

The lovely Japanese lady opening our oyster.

My magical-Disney-honeymoon pearl earrings!

Jump to last weekend. We had agreed this year that we weren't going to do the whole "gifts" thing this year since we are in the process of finding/purchasing our first home. Silly me, I should have known that my sweet hubby wasn't going to abide by our no gifts resolution. So last Saturday he hands me this little box... I opened it and inside were my magical-Disney-honeymoon-pearls... fixed! He had taken them to a jewerly store in town to have them repaired. I had no idea he was doing this. He's so sweet.

Now I can wear my magical-Disney-honeymoon-valentines pearls almost every day again! Yay!

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