Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cloth Diapering

***Disclaimer*** Poop and pee will be written about, if this is too much for you, you’ve been warned.

Okay, I know what you're thinking... cloth diapering? Seriously? But really, I LOVE it! And it's really not as gross and complicated as you think.

First off, when I say cloth diapers most think of the flat diapers that you have to fold and use safety pins that our mothers used 20+ years ago (yes, those are still out there, but I don't use them). I, however, think of this:
BumGenius 4.0 Cloth Diaper in "moonbeam"

It looks like a disposable diaper except it's in a bright color, and you wash and reuse it.

There are many different types of cloth diapers out there, different brands, different styles… etc. When I was looking into cloth diapering I did a lot of research about what would work best for our family… (I read this post from a great blog that helped me a lot.) I actually bought a few Fuzzibunz brand diapers before my Jonah Bear arrived. But as it turned out, my little man was actually little! The Fuzzibunz didn’t quite fit him well, so I sold them, and bought BumGenius which I love. This post will mostly be about my experience with our BumGenius 4.0 Snap diapers.

Money Savings:

I truly enjoy using cloth diapers. Yeah, the environmental benefits are nice, but what really sold me on cloth diapers is the money savings. The average family spends about $3,000 on disposable diapers on one child assuming they potty train early. That is a TON of money! It cost me less than $300 for 12 BumGenius 4.0 diapers that will "grow" with Jonah as he grows. So I don't have to buy more cloth diapers when he gets bigger:
These snaps alter the diaper to grow with your child.
Another perk is that I can use these same 12 cloth diapers for every child that Justin and I have (Justin informed me we will have three…). Think about how much money is saved! We save even more money because we have an energy efficient washer/dryer.

The Dirty Truth:

Most people I have talked to about cloth diapering freak out with the idea of washing the diapers. "Doesn't your washing machine get dirty?" "Isn't it really gross?" "Doesn't it take a lot of extra time?"

Nope, Nope, and Nope! My washing machine doesn't get dirty. Does yours get dirty when you wash your clothes? And think about it, every kid eventually poops, pees, and spits up of every item of clothing they and you have. How is washing those clothes any different from washing cloth diapers? And if it really creeps you out, they have detergent to wash your machine.

As for the gross factor, Jonah is still exclusively breastfeeding, so it's really not that gross yet... honestly it's not much different than pee. (Perk about breastfeeding: the poop doesn't have a very strong smell.) And if it gets bad later on, there is this rice paper stuff you can put in the diaper to... umm... "collect" the goodies and you can just throw that away and wash the diaper.

Time isn't really an issue either. Yes, it helps that I'm a stay-at-home mama, but it only takes an extra five minutes plus time in the washing machine every day and a half to two days. All I have to do it separate the absorbent liners from the diaper, throw them in the machine, wash, dry, and re-stuff the diapers. (If that sounds like too much work, they do have diapers that are "all-in-ones" that don't involve any stuffing, but they take a little longer to dry.)
Cloth diaper inside. The white material has a "wicking property" that moves moisture from the child's skin to the absorbent liner. Which makes for little to no diaper rash.

Absorbent liners. Left is the normal liner and on the right are newborn liners.
More Good News

I was worried in the beginning that Jonah wouldn’t like the cloth diapers… I was silly to worry. He can’t tell the difference!

Since using cloth diapers we have had only 3 “blow-outs;” verses using disposable diapers when we had a major blow-out (not exaggerating) at least every two days, if not more. Another nice thing is that Jonah would constantly soak though the disposable diapers, that has yet to happen with cloth diapers.

I choose this particular style of cloth diapers because babysitters or nursery workers don’t have to change anything they do. It isn’t any different for them except they put the dirty diaper in a wet bag I have in the diaper bag instead of throwing it away. It’s also super easy for the hubby.

As you can tell, I love cloth diapering. I hope this blog post got you thinking, and if you have ANY questions, I would be thrilled to answer them! Just send me an email at todaysmodernhousewife@gmail.com or comment on this post below.

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