Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Simply Fun Day

Yesterday Jonah and I had a pretty fun day. The morning was pretty low key with just chilling at home like we normally do. But in the afternoon Jo and I went to a local cupcake shop and met up with the MOMS club in our area. It was so nice to talk to grown-ups and not worry about Jo interrupting with a dirty diaper or crying... all the moms understood and even helped! Also, the pina colada cupcake I had was pretty nice too.

I forgot to take a picture of my cupcake, but this one looks very similar!

When we were done socializing, we went home to find Justin home too! So Justin watched the little man while I did a little shopping! (It dawned on me this week that all of my nice clothes are maternity clothes...)

When I got home we loaded up the kiddo and went to Wednesday night church. It had been a long time since I had gone because I was uncomfortable about Jo being in nursery. But mama had to get over it... it was time. Jonah loved it! He was basically just spoiled rotten by the lovely nursery worker for an hour and a half.

By time we got home it was Jonah's bed time so I fed him, and then he went right to sleep. Then Justin and I got a little alone time.

Overall it was a simple day, but one of the best days I have had in a while.

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