Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jonah Trying Rice Cereal

Last night my little man tried rice cereal! We were suppose to wait one more week before giving him solid food, but Jonah Bear chose to go through a growth spurt this weekend and Justin and I decided one week was too long to wait when our little guy was "starving." Plus, Jonah has been showing every sign of being ready for solid food for weeks.

"Please Mum, may I have some more?"

He wasn't too sure about the first bite, but by the end of the feeding he was loving it! He even cried when it was all gone.

Tonight we again gave him rice cereal. He was so into it that he was trying to "help" me get it in his tummy. He was grabbing my hand and the spoon to shovel more into his open mouth.

It's tough to admit, but my little Jonah Bear is growing up.

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