Monday, May 21, 2012

Crazy Busy

Currently my little family and I are, you guessed it, crazy busy. This past weekend would exhaust the average family, but not us! (This is a blatant lie, but we can't afford to slow down or we will crash before all our craziness is done.)

 The weekend started out with mama (me) going to the Daughter of the King women's conference at our church. It was wonderful! God met us there and lives were changed! I left my house at 5:15pm, and didn't get home until 12:03am. Not only is that a long time to be at church (I loved it), it was a long time for Justin to be on daddy duty solo. But he rocked it! I was so proud of my men!

 Saturday I packed Jo up and he came to church with me for the second part of the conference. Daddy had earned a break. So Jo and I were at church from 10:20 until 2:30. Jo enjoyed being spoiled, and I enjoyed time with the King and my sisters in Christ. I even won a door-prize: a NLT parallel study Bible. I'm really quite excited about it!
At 4 on Saturday we had a neighborhood block party! This was exciting for us because it meant we got to meet all of our new neighbors! We are so blessed to be in the neighborhood that we are. So many sweet people that want to get to know us too! We all had so much fun that we plan on having another block party this fall.
Jonah Bear being silly at the block party.
Saturday evening after we put Jonah down for the night, Justin and I got some much needed alone time and watched a movie until too late in the night. But it was nice.

 Sunday we went to church like normal, but then when we came home we had to clean the house because we had church connect group that night. We knew that only one person was able to attend, so we just invited her for hot dogs and corn on the cob, nothing fancy. The fellowship time was nice though.
My little stud all dressed up for church!

Tuckered out from a long weekend. (He's still holding his ball though... cute.)

Busy Busy Busy. That was our weekend. Now to get ready for house guests that are coming tonight!

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