Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jonah is 5 months old!

Wow, my sweet little Jonah Bear is five months old today! It seems like just last month he was only one month... Time flies when you don't sleep... Haha.

We think Jonah weighs a little over 12 pounds now... At his last well check he weighed 11 pounds and 9 oz. He's in the 8% for weight (up by 3% since last time), 30% for height, and 40% for size of noggin (Justin claims its for all the Biddle brains).

We are still using cloth diapers, and loving them, but if he were in disposables, he would be in size one.

Since we moved, Jonah has reverted back to waking twice in the middle of the night to eat, so we are currently trying to move to a 4 hour schedule... Prayers would be appreciated. We hope he will sleep through the night soon.

Jonah's major milestones this past month include adding a noise to his "vocabulary": "naa", and sitting up by himself, but only for a minute before he tips over.

His favorite food is bananas... He just goes crazy for them. He actually cries when they are gone.

And now for pictures! (I'm writing this from my phone, so all the pictures are stuck at the end...)

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