Monday, May 14, 2012

One Blessed Mama

My first Mother's Day was one to remember. It started out with a beautiful mommy stacking ring, and ended with baby barf all over the bed... My side of the bed.

I woke up on Sunday morning. And Justin gave me my Mother's day present after I fed Jonah: a tiny little ring with "Jonah" written on it. Then the sweet man made me breakfast. We all went to church, and on the way home we stopped at McDonalds so I didn't have to make lunch. When we got home I was treated to a 2.5 hour nap without the baby monitor! Talk about a happy mama! Later Jo let me hug him for about 45 seconds without wiggling..

I ran a few errands alone, grabbed a movie and some frozen yogurt and came home. Justin and I ate dinner with froyo for dessert while watching the Muppets. It was fun.

The trouble started when we all went to bed... As it usually does. My little guy decided that since mama's day was almost over that he could be a naughty boy and not sleep. So after I fed him yet again at 11:40 he needed to burp. I wasn't able to get the burp out and as I was trying to enlist the Hubby, Jo proceeded to spit up the entire feeding all over my side of the bed. First thought to pop into my head: yep, officially a mom now... I've had my first mothers day and had kid puke in my bed.

Even with a pukey, sleep fighting little boy, it was a very special Mothers Day.

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